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Anti-Immigration Movement Turning Violent in Germany

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1844 Phila Nativism Riot Againt Irish

In Dresden, Germany, right-wing activists are retaliating against the Muslim refugees. They are said to be behind two huge terror bombs at a mosque. This is the first attack on Muslims using bombs. This will not be the last. What Merkel has unleashed on Europe will continue to escalate as the economy turns down. Anti-immigrant movements correlate with economic declines as people blame the immigrants for lost jobs and the downturn. This is normal in all situations.

The Sovereign Debt Crisis hit the state level in the USA during the 1840s, and resulted in a gun battle against the Irish in Philadelphia. In that case, it was the Protestants against the Catholics. Immediately, this may be Christianity v Islam, but during the 19th century it was a civil war within Christianity. The distinction is always consistent. The sentiment is always anti-immigrant whenever the economy turns down.

In Germany, others, who are not Muslim, are being told if they are not contributing to the German pension system then their visa may not be renewed. Religion does not matter as this is targeting even Eastern Europeans, such as Ukrainians.