We are Drowning in Fake News

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COMMENT: I hope you read this Mr. Armstrong. These past 6 months have been eye-opening for me. I started out late summer writing down names of persons and sites on their news, opinions, stories, and predictions. In the past couple of weeks made an assessment. All have failed except your blog and a couple of others. I now have only maybe three places / people on can go for an honest view. I am actually disappointed as I would like to have a wider network of sources.

Just want to say thank you


REPLY: I have tried to explain that there are people who will take any fact and twist it to the point that it becomes sophistry to create deliberate disinformation. I have REAL sources. I have met many world leaders and have been called into central banks around the world and testified before Congress. I know how the system works. Back on November 24th, 2020, I wrote that I did not think Trump would win. Once the Supreme Court rejected the Texas appeal, that was checkmate. I got a lot of emails on that disagreeing. I am not here to raise false hopes. There was no insurrection act signed and there was no way Q was pulling the strings and Trump would be sworn in at 11 AM one hour before Biden. I have even written op-eds for the Wall Street Journal.

I try very hard to keep it real. That sometimes invokes angry people from the LEFT and the same is true from RIGHT. We are headed into a very serious couple of years into 2022. I try hard not to allow my personal wishes to dominate the view despite what some people think. We now have people blaming the rise in GameShop on Trumpism and White Supremacy. I mean, this is typical insanity. They always have to blame something using politics. Welc0me to the world of real FAKE NEWS – bla bla bla bla bla.