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I do Not Think Trump will Win

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Trump Wave Goodbye

COMMENT: You only support Trump. Get back to reality.


Build Back Better Biden Johnson


REPLY: Your hatred for Trump will be your undoing. I do NOT believe Trump will reverse the election. This election has been so corrupt it will go down in history. But Trump will never be able to prove that in time. Mark Zuckerberg and the rest of BigTech you either support or are ignorant of, will show you how little the Constitution will protect you. Zuckerberg had funded $400 million to the Democrats to overthrow Trump. If you think the New World Order was just a joke, wait until you see the Great Reset. There is a risk that the election for the Senate in Georgia will be rigged and if they succeed in that, you will have nothing left. This is a global agenda. Shame you are so ignorant of what is unfolding internationally. But they counted on people like you who will never look.

WEF build back better

This is such a global coup, that we will be plunged in USA into a civil war. Perhaps you cannot read or think it is just a coincidence that all world leaders are preaching “build back better” which is a slogan you find at the World Economic Forum.

Enjoy your holiday sitting home during lockdown because Biden will use the executive powers to overrule all states and force them to lockdown destroying businesses. One of the Supreme Court judges in Britain called the actions illegal and the government has become a “control freak” and I am sure you will cheer when the Democrats strip the Supreme Court of any power to rule on specific issues. A bunch of rich people puts up the money to keep a barbershop open despite it has lost its customers after 75 years simply because it was a legend. You have never bothered to look at the protests in Europe or the new laws where the police no longer need warrants to burst into your home under the pretense of COVID.



I hope you have no family so your grandchildren will not have to know that your personal hatred of one man led you to surrender the rights of all your family. You are one of the sheep who probably believed in all those predictions.


Schwab Godfather


This election will be stolen. Our computer has NEVER been wrong. The only time it was right but wrong, was 2000 when it projected Gore would win. The Supreme Court stopped the recount and handed it to Bush. Later, it was shown that Gore had 500,000 more votes. This one will go down in history. They will all kiss the ring of Klaus Schwab for creating the Great Reset circumventing the people because we are just the great unwashed not worthy to have any vote on such a scheme for our own future. Don’t worry, only politicians can kiss his ring. You might be allowed to kiss his feet.

Khruschev Nikta 1024x472

I could care less what Trump tweets. This is the very integrity of the United States to stand up against a deliberate foreign invasion. You are obviously the “working class” that Khrushchev said would rise up and bury the United States from within. Schwab knows what he is doing and you cannot see past the end of your nose. This is not Trump v Biden – this is America against a foreign Tyrannical invasion.