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CEO of Youtube Susan Wojcicki Vows to Remove Anything that Contradicts the WHO

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YouTube has removed the video of the two California Doctors demonstrating the level of censorship surrounding this virus has reached Stalinistic levels. We have learned that YouTube is part of the conspiracy against the people so we make copies because of this censorship design to suppress the truth and support FAKE NEWS. Previously, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki told CNN that the company would ban any video content that contradicted World Health Organization recommendations. Wojcicki is supporting Bill Gates & the WHO against the people and preventing our American right to freedom of speech. She obviously supports Stalinistic censorship. She has no right to violate the civil rights of all Americans and since the WHO is a quasi-governmental organization, she is now involved in what can be criminal activity in violation of the Civil Rights Act.

As I have said, nobody removes videos about alien abductions. The ONLY reason to remove this is to prevent the truth – not to remove fake news for that is what Wojcicki supports by removing dissent which is part of the basic rights in a free society under Democracy.