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California ER Doctors Speak Out

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California ER Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi

This is the same information we are getting from around the country. Hospitals are empty and unless this lockdown is lifted, we will actually see doctors being laid off because there is nobody there and normal healthcare has been suspended. The real public health crisis is the DENIAL of regular healthcare. I have had friends and family whose surgeries were postponed indefinitely.

I have a cousin who was a nurse working with COVID-19 patients and she got infected. She then passed it to her husband who is 67 and overweight. He had to go to the hospital where they administered the Malaria drug everyone tries to criticize Trump for and his condition was reversed and he returned home after two days.

US Unemployment Claims weekly 1024x311

The propaganda going on is indeed designed for purposes other than actual medical conditions. It has been seized by the press who criticizes anyone for allowing the lockdown to be lifted. They have intentionally been destroying people’s jobs and this statistic only covers those entitled to file for unemployment. Many times that unemployment number does not cover those who do not work full time from hair salons, waitresses/waiters, and retail sales. Part-term workers are not covered.

What these people on the left are doing to simply win an election amounts to a political coup. The Democrats are now forming a commission to investigate Trump again demonstrating how corrupt this system has become. The Democrats now have a vested interest in prolonging the pain to simply win the election in November. I do not wish to live the world these people are advocating by keeping us locked down to destroy the economy where the unemployment was a record low since 1960s just to win an election.

This is no longer about health, it is just about politics. They are risking people’s lives denying normal healthcare and destroying their futures by wiping out small business.

Franklin Liberty

Benjamin Franklin once said that “those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” The data from this virus failed to show that there is a lethal microbe that warrants shutting down the economy. The infection rate deaths of even 202,832 out of more than 7.5 billion does not warrant destroying civilization, people’s livelihood, and wiping out their pensions. Third world countries have been brought to the brink of starvation.

These people who have turned the virus into a political weapon are fulfilling our model on the war cycle. This is not something I wanted to see be correct. This lockdown will turn to violence. You cannot push society this far and the elitists looking to just win elections in the United States and to Federalize Europe are willing to sacrifice the people for personal gain. The American politicians show no sign of remorse for ever sending boys to fight foreign wars for their political machinations. And people ask why civilization is in the Sixth Wave?