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Decline in the Birthrate & Biden’s Agenda

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2009 Ginsberg Eugenics

Bill Gates’ dream of killing off half the population maybe coming true. The Gates Agenda began with his father and Planned Parenthood being put in minority areas to reduce the population based on race. Even Roe v Wade was cleverly used to tell women it was their BODY, THEIR RIGHT, to have an abortion. Justice Ginsberg, who was a woman’s rights advocate, said that this Supreme Court decision had NOTHING to do with women’s rights – it was all about reducing the population.

Decline in Birthrate

Now we have a real crisis unfolding, and Gates is perhaps popping the champagne in celebration.

  • Birthrates are falling globally.
  • In many countries, COVID-19 has suppressed population growth, resulting in a sharp decline in births and simultaneously reducing expectancy.
  • Even before the pandemic, urbanization drove population decline as it historically always does with prosperity.


China realized we were heading into a crisis. Their one-child policy would lead to a 50% reduction in population, and the majority wanted just a boy to keep the family name. In 2021, they reversed that policy, now directing families to have three children as the West declines in population with the rise of this Climate Change agenda that has transformed into reducing the population.

Population Growth 1950 2022

While the Climate Change people are in bed with the Neocons and promote World War III behind the headlines to reduce the world population by at least 2 billion, historically, population declines with economic prosperity. In an agrarian society, large families were necessary to work the farm, and the children took care of their parents before the Great Depression and socialism, where governments created Ponzi schemes to replace the family unit (Social Security). Most children today do not save to care for their parents; that’s the government’s job. It has reversed where parents care for their children even into their 40s.

Gates Population Control

Of course, Gates has been indoctrinated by his father and is so concerned about reducing the population one must wonder why he supported vaccines to improve health when, in fact, all the evidence surfaces is exactly the opposite.

WSJ 2009 Shrink Population Gates

Gates has used his money to influence climate change and, at the same time, promote vaccines along with reducing the world population. His positions are hypocritical, to say the least. One must wonder if any vaccine is safe anymore since they are switching to the MRNA, causing huge problems.


When the Vice President said the real agenda, they quickly said she misspoke and meant to say “POLLUTION” rather than “POPULATION.” It seems strange that she supposedly read that one word wrong. Or was this a slip of the tongue because what they are talking about behind the cameras is a reduction in the population?



US Population Growth 1950 2024

Looking at the annual population growth in the USA, we can see that Biden’s border opening has tremendously impacted the growth rate. Moreover, they expect this to shift the politics in the USA to the leftist movement. But additionally, the LEFT wants war, and they need bodies to send to fight. From day one, Biden opened the border and allowed the flood of predominately young men to the promised land. They did not know they were being offered citizenship in return for military service.

Sparta Warriors

Sparta in ancient Greece rewarded fathers based on the number of children. Sparta wanted soldiers, so the more children, the better. But Sparta undermined its own economy in the process. Production of children was rewarded in Sparta, and the fathers of three or four sons were exempted from military service and other economic burdens. Sparta divided estates (partibility) among all the heirs. A farm would be broken up according to the number of heirs.

Aristotle was sharply critical of this practice and wrote:

“It is obvious that, if there were many children, the land being distributed as it is, many of them must necessarily fall into poverty.”

Sparta Coinage Spears

Biden’s opening of the border may increase his military so he can wage war against China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran simultaneously. Still, it will drive the US economy into poverty and reduce per capita production and income. This is what undermined Sparta. They were a socialist state that never issued coinage because personal wealth was prohibited. They used an iron spit or rod to discourage the accumulation of wealth and its use. You were to be the property of the state – no individuality.

When you look closely for a common denominator of the decline and fall of a civilization, what surfaces is a striking pattern of birth control and declining birth rates. The history of birth control pre-Christianity was very different, for abortion had none of the stigma in most cultures. There are even surviving documents from ancient Egypt concerning birth control and abortion. The Ebers Papyrus from 1550 BC describes the use of honey, acacia leaves, and lint to be placed in the vagina to block sperm. The Kahun Papyrus from 1850BC described birth control methods using contraceptive devices and the use of acacia gum, which has confirmed spermatocide qualities and today is still used in contraceptive jellies.

Cyrenen Birth Control AR Didrachm 294 275BC

It would seem that the main product of Cyrene and the city of Barce at this time was the silphium plant. This was the main source of prosperity were agriculture and animal husbandry. Horses could graze in the less fertile areas, where the silphium plant grew wild. Silphium juice’s value for pregnancy prevention brought great wealth to this region. The historian Pliny tells us that it was a veritable cure-all; it is said to have had hundreds of medicinal and cosmetic uses. It was used to treat everything from chills to fevers. Hippocrates tells us that it could be used as a poultice or to soothe the stomach. Cooks also used the plant in their recipes.

However, this plant was used as a type of birth control. Indeed, medical evidence from classical antiquity informs us that it was the drug of choice for contraception. The Greek physician, Soranus of Ephesus, suggested taking a dose of silphium “the size of a chick-pea” once a month, both to prevent conception and “destroy any already existing.” The ancient abortion pills.

Valentine Heart

Cyrenen Birth Control AR Hemidrachm 500 480BC

Silphium’s seedpod resembles the modern Valentine’s heart. It has been argued that the popularity of this plant and its connection to love and sex just may have been the true origin of the image of the heart we still use today. The ancient city of Cyrene, which grew rich from the silphium trade, even displayed heart-shaped fruit on its money from the earliest Archaic times of the 6th century BC. Their great wealth was from contraception.

Nero Bust

This plant was indigenous to Cyrene and resisted all attempts at mass cultivation. That kept the price high, but the demand was so great that this contributed to its extinction by the 1st Century AD. As legends go, the Roman Emperor Nero (54-68AD) was presented with the last surviving stalk, Silphium.

Cyrene became a prosperous country, and it was all for birth control.