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Lighting Your Fireplace will Be a $500 Fine for CO2 Police

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I remember that growing up, my parents would light the fire on Christmas. We would listen to Christmas music and snuggle up in front of the fire. Now, if you light a fire, you are destroying the planet, and that is grounds to fine you. I suppose if your house burns down, insurance companies will not pay because it increases climate change, and you should not benefit from that.


In South Gloucestershire, England, the City Council has approved the introduction of financial penalties in the district’s smoke control area. In the name of improving air quality, lighting a fire releases harmful pollution by burning wood, which can cause health problemGrs. You will be fined £300 pounds for harming the environment.

Rise Fall or Empires Climate

We have some severe problems. Most of us laugh at the Climate Change zealots and how stupid they are to not even look at history that Climate has ALWAYS changed. The sad part is that one of the lessons a friend of mine who became the mayor of a major city taught me was one of my first lessons in politics. I asked him why the city had to respond to a bunch of nuts protesting in front of his house. He said they bring the news, and you are forced to respond to their nonsense even when you know it makes no sense when they have the press in their pocket.

1970 Climate Change

You can only reason with a wise person. Only a fool argues with a fool. These people refuse to listen to any scientific evidence, history, or facts. They have been fully indoctrinated, so it is best just to agree and say look: I agree. We are seriously overpopulated. Perhaps you should set the example and commit suicide to save the planet. I’m sure others will follow.

Crisis 2

These Climate nuts have the press and the politicians in their back pocket. This is part of the rising civil unrest, for these people are unleashing a wave of domestic violence that is going to make the 1960s look like a dress rehearsal. Between the abuse of the rule of law as they try to prevent Trump from even surviving with more than two cents to his name, tearing down the rule of law to accomplish this goal means that the other side will now have a precedent, and this is the DEFINITIVE destruction of society and civilization. Throw in this climate change, where they intend more lockdowns and want to destroy our freedoms and livelihoods further; I can now see clearly why the computer is forecasting the end of civilization as we know it by 2032.

Gibbon on Commodus

Civilization can no longer exist once we have lost the rule of law. These people are so desperate to fulfill their agenda of climate change, war, and population reduction that they are tearing the very fabric of what has made the United States a nation. Anything that Trump did or stands for must be attacked the same way Commodus did. It is with his reign that historians have drawn the line for the start of Rome’s collapse. The empire was thrust into civil war after Commodus was finally assassinated.

Climate Change War

What these Climate Change zealots do not comprehend is that they are being used, and gradually, this movement is transforming into the extinction agenda – to reduce the population BIG TIME with war. They have no guarantee of surviving themselves. They are justifying war as NECESSARY, for this is the best way to reduce the population. I suppose Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Mussolini were just ahead of their time trying to save the planet by reducing the population.