Every Household in California Owes $93,000 to Pay for State Pensions

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Stanford University has been tracking the cost of pensions in California. So while there is a movement starting to separate from the United States especially since they wanted Hillary, California will soon fall on its face and then will be begging Washington for a handout. The real amount owed by every household in California to cover state pensions jumped to $93,000 in 2015 up from $77,700 per household in 2014.


California may be the most socialistic state in the union, so expect them to also be among the first to collapse despite being the fifth largest economy in the world if looked at as their own nation. Go ahead – leave; but take your pensions with you please! There are two categories of fools: (1) are those who believe what isn’t true; and (2) those who refuse to believe what is true. Socialists seem to come in both varieties.

Millions of Socialists, have murdered and killed those who disagree with them. The opponents of Marxism have been burnt, tortured, fined, and imprisoned; yet we have not advanced one inch towards this mythical land of perfect harmony and utopia. The net result has only been war and conflict and to prove that one half the world is composed of fools and hypocrites who just want to be taken care-of, yet willing to surrender their independence while pretending to be independent.