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Panama Papers Used for Political Purposes

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Two members of France’s far-right leader Marine Le Pen’s entourage are being used to try to stop Le Pen from overturning Hollande. This is similar to what they are trying to do to Putin. According to the Panama Papers, two members of Le Pen’s entourage allegedly moved hundreds of thousands of euros by way of offshore companies in recent years. These two individuals are a businessman and an accountant with close links to Le Pen’s National Front Party. They designed a “sophisticated offshore system” to transfer up to €275,000 out of France between 2013 and 2014, according to France’s daily “Le Monde.”

This clearly demonstrates that there is a political agenda here, which may be to defeat any resistance or democratic change to the establishment who is pushing for electronic money and worldwide taxation. This is more than just looking for the rich; there is a dark shadow lurking behind this incident. Targeting certain people based upon friends is really stretching things and reveals the hidden political agenda. You can bet they are looking through a magnifying glass to find any remote connection to Trump.