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32 Climate Hoaxes that are now Supporting for WWIII

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Biden Secon Term

Did we get enough of them to save the planet?

I am not kidding. There are now Climate Zealots who are eager to bring about World War III as the means to save the planet by eliminating 50%+ of the world population. This is why all our world leaders are promoting war, and the NEOCONS love it.

NYC Climate Clock

In 2020, messages including “The Earth has a deadline” began to appear on the display. Then, numbers 7:103:15:40:07 showed up, representing the years, days, hours, minutes, and seconds until that deadline. On September 17, the clock began counting down from seven years, 103 days, 15 hours, 40 minutes, and seven seconds, displayed in red.


Intl War Index 12 30 22

Ironically, they may be correct in proposing that in 2027, the world will end geopolitically, but not for climate reasons.  They realize there is NO WAY we can abandon fossil fuels and replace them with wind and solar. That is just impossible. To make the power grid and electric cars feasible, you must reduce the world population by 50% while maintainer the power grid as it is today. Our computer has forecast that the peak of World War III is most likely in the 2026/2027 time period.

2014 War Cyclew 2011 Conference

This is NOT my opinion. I stood up at our World Economic Conference in 2011 and showed that the War Cycle would turn up in 2014, and our computer even projected Ukraine would be the place. I even posted that Ukraine would be the place to watch for the start of World War III back in 2013, BEFORE the 2014 revolution. It was Victoria Nuland who selected the UNELECTED new government and instructed them to start the civil war by attacking the Donbas. Everyone knew that would force Putin to defend the Russian people there.

New Yorker Secret Cycle

Our computer is not partisan or biased and is not influenced by human intervention. It is the ONLY Artificial Intelligence Computer with a 40-year track record. The ONLY mainstream press to ever slightly review the forecasts was the New Yorker Magazine back in 2009 with the title The Secret Cycle. In 2011, this model forecasted the markets would make all-time new highs above 2007. Most laughed. Barrons wrote: Circular Reasoning: A Market for Pi in the Sky? The man who called the ’87 crash is now calling for a long-term market rise. By ROBIN GOLDWYN BLUMENTHAL. Barrons never reported how the forecasts were the only ones to be correct. They reported them in 2011 because they thought they were absurd.


Even the German magazine Smart Investor pointed out that we were the only ones projecting inflation and an economic boom into 2024, while the majority kept calling for a recession over the last three years. They wanted to know, “Could you please briefly explain your forecasting approach?

Even with the AI craze, mainstream media is NOT interested in reporting our forecasts because they contradict the instructed narrative.

Obama Peace Prize

Forecasting war is NOT what I want to see. Many people have written in and said I should get the Nobel Peace Prize. Obama wanted to invade Syria, so he got the Nobel Peace Prize for promoting war. Most assumed he got it for simply being the first black president. I speak out against a war our computer is forecasting, so I am not qualified for that Nobel Peace Prize since I actually advocate peace. Nobody wants this forecast to be wrong more than me.

Caesar People Believe

Julius Caesar wrote in his commentaries that people “believe what they wish,” and that statement has defined the human race for thousands of years. This is why you CANNOT have an intelligent conversation with ANY of these climate change people. It has become their religion. The stupid ones have confused climate change with pollution. They are dancing the world into a nuclear holocaust and assume that they will survive, but the other half of the world will not. They have taken over the White House alongside the NEOCONS and are on the same agenda – reducing the population, albeit for different reasons.