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The Sum of All our Economic Fears

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2016 wec analytical 300x225

Monetary Crisis Cycle 2019 239x300A lot of people have written in about my comments concerning how the world is completely in a state of global chaos which is why this year I will be providing a continued video update for the 2019 WEC attendees. Those looking at the arrays of many markets are also starting to notice how global markets are correlating on a worldwide basis. Never before have I witnessed such mass correlation around the world which is demonstrating that this is by no means about local issues or the rise and fall of GDP, interest rates, or inflation. We are facing a VERY serious crisis and this is part of the Monetary Crisis Cycle

Attendees of Orlando will receive a special report on the Monetary Crisis Cycle outlining the timing and what we should expect as the years unfold. It is clear that our computer is picking up on this great convergence never before witnessed in financial history. This year’s WEC we will be covering the world to reveal just how we are all connected and how to keep track of this insanity that we are going to embark upon.

This is clearly the sum of all our economic fears. How we deal with this in the months ahead may dictate our individual survival.