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Maunder Minimum & the Coming Mini Ice Age

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A growing number of REAL scientists are coming out, warning that we are moving back to a mini ice age. I have explained that when I saw a presentation of the energy output of the sun derived from the ice core samples taken from the North Pole back in the 1990s, it matched up with the 309.6-year ECM cycle. It suddenly made sense and explained the rise and fall of empires, as well as migrations. We input that data into our system and it has been an important component behind the Sixth Wave forecast that we confront in 2032.95. Of course, these real scientists are not presenting this warning of a mini ice age as a confrontation to the global warming crowd. Nonetheless, it illustrates that the global warming crowd use pollution to pretend that we can actually alter the climate. We can no more accomplish that feat than central banks can reverse a bear market and create perpetual economic bliss.