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The Real Coup by Illegal Aliens Storming Biden’s Open Gates

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US Map Electoral College Votes

QUESTION: Your comment on how you had the mandate from Hong Kong to negotiate with Australia, and the PM would not allow them in because they would vote conservative, has highlighted this entire agenda from the Democrats. They are destroying our country. Will Biden grant them voting rights to suppress those of us who work for a living?

Thank you so much for being honest.


ANSWER: It is far worse than that. Most states can’t even restrict voting. Illegal aliens are included in the census. That means the Electoral College votes are allocated by the census, and seats in the House of Representatives are also based on the census. If all Americans left California and they are all illegals, they still get the largest vote as illegals. If we look at the 2020 census, Texas has gained two more votes in Congress and the Electoral College for the next decade. Colorado, Florida, Montana, North Carolina, and Oregon each gained one seat, based on the 2020 census. The seven states that lost one vote each were California, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. That is because real Americans are fleeing the Blue States.

Illegal aliens are flooding the United States to alter the census and the Electoral College to ensure that the Democrats will always win. This is getting so outrageous, you just can’t make up this shit anymore. A judge in Washington, DC, the land of Marxists, actually threw out a challenge against allowing noncitizens to vote in the election. These Democrats are determined to win, and they do not care about the law or the people. Why can’t Canadians, Europeans, Russians, Chinese, and everyone else vote in the 2024 election if there is NO requirement to be a citizen?

This is outright treason against the American people. They are even starting to replace American workers, reducing the cost of labor. Unions are actually being undermined by this agenda, and they have not really WOKEN UP. That is why blacks and Latinas are leaning toward Trump. They see this as undermining their own advancements.

Any American who now votes for a Democrat is voting against their own future and that of their family.

This is just out of control.

Voter ID

Biden has been shipping illegals around the country to strategic places to overthrow Republican states. This is not simply an invasion; it is an attempted coup to overthrow the United States, including its Constitution. The Biden Administration attacks any state that tries to enforce voter ID to prove you are an American. The audacity of the Attorney General to claim requiring voter ID is not necessary so they can carry out this treason against real Americans. So much damage is being carried out that there will never be any reconciliation. They expect to rule by sheer tyranny.

NY Times Sense of Doom

Even the NY Times has reported that the majority believe we are doomed. I am NOT being partisan here. This is why the computer is projecting that there WILL BE NO UNITED STATES post-2032. The Democrats are hell-bent on pushing Marxism despite the fact that it has ALWAYS failed, and this entire illegal immigration is their way to take over the country. they do not care about the people – we are the dirt beneath their feet – not the air beneath their wings.

Patrick Henry Quotes

We will have no choice but to separate blue vs. red states. There is simply no other alternative. Civilization ONLY survives when everyone benefits. The Democrats do not care that their ideas are anti-religious, anti-culture, and anti-democratic. They MUST impose their agenda regardless of the cost. The rich have become anyone with a job.

Jefferson Liberty

This is why there is a growing sense of doom. But this is also engulfing Europe. Those who are supposed to represent us only represent themselves and the agenda. They are told how to vote without ever knowing what the real agenda will be,

Jefferson Revolution

The Founding Fathers understood tyranny, but, unfortunately, the FAKE NEWS of Cicero so enchanted them that they wrongly assumed that a Republic was the best form of government when it was the most corrupt, just as we see today. Even that theme has been used in movies like Star Wars, where the republic is fighting against the empire. Throughout history, this will end in the only way it ever has – the “republic” will collapse.

Then we have companies firing Americans so they can hire illegal aliens on the cheap. This is getting completely out of control, and Americans have to wake up. Then again, the computer will be right, and there will be a time when separation is the only solution. Over one-third of the people in Alaska want to separate from the United States. The same is rising in Florida and Texas, with other states joining rapidly.



Representative Anna Luna happens to be in my district.

She has been putting up a good fight. But she is outnumbered.

Just for the Record

Two of my employees, one British and one German, were denied entry to the United States because they might not leave! It has cost me more than $100,000 so far to fight for my employees who they reject and have families overseas with no intention of staying here while Biden lets criminals come in and countries empty their prisons with tickets to America. I am sorry, but I have ZERO respect for what is happening from first-hand experience. Unless they vote DEMOCRAT, anyone worthwhile from Europe or Asia need not apply.

Caesar Crosses Rubicon 2024

I am finishing an important book on this subject illustrating the TRUTH from contemporary accounts and even using the coinage to provide the real version of why Caesar was compelled to Cross the Rubicon in the middle of a DEBT CRISIS, and the people cheered. The corrupt Senate fled Rome, and the people did not support them any more than we see today. Those who relied on Cicero and even Cato, who was the leader of the oligarchs, have so distorted history that it threatens our very existence.

Antony give Cicero head to Fulvia

Mark Antony’s wife, Fulvia, so despised Cicero and his fake news that he was beheaded and his hands cut off as retribution. As legend has it, Fulvia then wanted to pierce Cicero’s tongue and used her hairpin in her act of revenge against his lies. I suppose that was one way of dealing with the fake news promoters.

Fulvia with head of Cicero hair pin R