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Open the Floodgates – Entering the US is Easy

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The border is literally open to all as it has been revealed that border gates have been permanently welded open. The US government claims this was done in preparation for the monsoon season and to help endangered animals safely pass. In Arizona alone there are 114 gates open areas that attract over 1,400 illegal aliens from throughout the world every single day.

The people breaking the law by entering from the southern border are laughing at us. “It was so easy to get into the US. Nothing like our journey through Mexico. That part was hard,” she added. “I thought there was going to be more security,” one migrant from Cuba told the New York Post. Border agents have reported busloads of people arriving as if they were on a guided tour.

Biden is auctioning off unused materials intended to secure the border. Democratic governors are complaining that they cannot handle the large influx of people but they have not turned on Biden. Senate Republicans are demanding that the Department of Defense (DOD) step in and prevent the Biden Administration from auctioning off the remaining border wall materials for pennies on the dollar.

There are reports of men from China and other nations arriving with what appears to be military haircuts. Biden is an utter disgrace to America, a treasonous crook openly selling out our country. America has been invaded. I cannot comprehend how anyone could still support that man after the chaos he has caused over the past three years.