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Border Crisis in Poland is the Tip of the Iceberg

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There are deep concerns that an invasion from the Middle East has been deliberately encouraged by Soros and his attempt to force political change in Poland. For months now, in the aftermath of Biden’s Afghanistan disaster, Poland has been targeted by a wave of Muslims trying to infiltrate Poland. Estimates are that perhaps tens of thousands of Muslims are trying to get into Europe by any means possible.

There is no conspiracy theory here. Soros is behind the mass migration into the USA as well as Europe. This is all part of his open society and it is one of the eight objectives of the World Economic Forum. They are trying to overthrow all conservative governments and Poland has been targeted as having the Southern Republican state in the USA with the Biden Administration secretly dumping illegal aliens in Republican states.

Athalarich R

This is a political agenda and they are deliberately sending a massive hoard of immigrants into the West to overthrow and change the governmental structures. This is what took place with the fall of Rome. The barbarians invaded and were then installing puppet emperors. The barbarians were even striking coins in the name of the Byzantine Emperor in Europe pretending they were maintaining the Roman traditions.

Lombard AV Tremis

There were even competing barbaric tribes all issuing coinage imitating that of the Roman Empire. Thus, these mass migrations are an attempt to have history repeat and they are encouraging such mass invasions to accomplish the very same goals – the overthrow of the old to usher in the New World Order – the Great Reset, and their Build Back Better agenda.

It is IMPERATIVE to know who your enemy truly is and his objective!