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Family Law in Australia

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In Australia family law is Federal.  And to stop all the problems with co habitation – Common Law etc.. you know what they did, passed regulation which says cohabitate for 2 years..equivalent in EVERY way to marriage (assets split 50/50 on eachs)…so for us single males out there that know this well.. you are on a time line if you don’t want law forced rights and obligations but want all the other.. physical etc.. real issues if there is a child to the woman ..blood is ALWAYS thicker than water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   The male has to have his EYES open in relationships now!.

REPLY: Yes, many young men do not want to get married any more because of the law. Children settle the issue. But legally, if one or the other makes a lot of money and divorce comes up, they can pay alimony for life until the ex is remarried. With divorce rates over 50%, it becomes a crap shoot as they say. It becomes love “until death do you part” or the lawyers get a hold of it. Today, marriage separates a fool from his money. This is contributing to the collapse in birth rates. In Japan, they call it the celibacy syndrome.