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The Great Educational Fraud

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Thanks for all you do. Being a student of stock market history I am never shocked by what I see in the market. I have been wondering for years what the catalyst will be for the correction of the insanity of student loan debt to pay for college. If students went on Shark Tank before going to college to say what they are going to do with the money and what they intend to study’s and put pen to paper of how they will pay that back. Most would be rejected by the sharks and should not go. Why is this so hard to figure out? Seems rational to me however what I see people doing is very irrational Thoughts?

Last I checked the library is free and has all the knowledge of the world available to us and at our fingertips with google and our phones. I guess people don’t like FREE.

They always say when the student is ready the teacher will appear. You always appear in all my searches for the truth and wisdom. Keep up the frat work


ANSWER: Education has become a means of propaganda. People are told they will not get a job without a degree. I tell kids that it does not matter what you even get a degree in. Do it online and get a degree in basket weaving. It does not matter! You do not even need a degree to run for politics. You do not need a degree to be the president of the new head of the European Central Bank, as Christine Lagarde is a lawyer and not a trader or economist. So where is the justification that you need a degree to be qualified to do something the degree never covers?