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If You Can’t Reform – Just Blow The Budget Completely Apart

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You really have to wonder how politicians ever come to these ideas that they have a right to discriminate and suppress anyone based solely upon what material things they possess. In France, the left is running to take 90% from the rich and hand it to everyone else. Why should they continue to invest, take risks, or even work for that matter. I would close up shop and just leave.

In February, the city of San Francisco came up with a new “free college” plan for city residents that included an added stipend for books and travel expenses. Of course, it was by no means “free” because they were raising taxes in the city to pay for it.

In Europe where education is free, kids keep going to school collecting degrees because (1) its free, (2) they cannot find a job, and (3) who wants to work and pay taxes? The education is really indoctrination and nobody ever learned how to actually do something from a school. Even doctors have to do an internship actually doing the job to get into the door.

Well now the state of New York has joined the socialist agenda of Marx and on April 9th, the N.Y. legislature passed “The Excelsior Scholarship” bill to grant free public college to state residents. On April 13th, N.Y. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed it into law.

The N.Y. college tuition of any state resident whose family earns up to $100,000 a year prior to the fall semester this year, $110,000 in the fall of 2018, and $125,000 in 2019 will be eligible. They have adopted the communist system where once you earned your free degree, you had to work for the state. Here, New York required that the student must stay in New York for four years after they graduate. If you cannot find a job in New York and there is one in California, sorry – you can’t take it.

Interesting regulations.