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Was the NSA Hacked? Or was this part of the Agenda?

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NSA Chip

The National Security Agency’s (NSA) website was hacked and it was down for almost a day. This has raised a very interesting question. If the NSA can be hacked, is it that vulnerable itself?  There was a claim that the hackers had the NSA’s hacking tools and were offering them for sale to the highest bidder. The NSA malware, according to Foreign Policy magazine, was being offered for sale. However, the page was taken down. That seems to be highly risky for that would be a sure-fire way to get caught.

There is some speculation that the NSA was really behind the hack to get more power. There have been people tracing various hacking groups that seem to link back to the NSA. Last year, a Russian security group, Kaspersky Lab, made a report that insisted that these hacks were terminating from the NSA. The Kaspersky Lab’s report did not definitively link the hacks to the NSA but certainly tracing pointed in that direction.

email phishing email 2

I looked at the so-called hack of the DNC and all the emails. The Democrats claimed it was the Russians. There was absolutely no link that confirmed that. In fact, it was simply a fake email saying reset your password known as a phishing email. John Podesta simply did what the fake email said. We all get these and they are not something unique to high-level Russian intelligence, CIA, NSA or any government agency. Teenage kids in their basement try this sort of thing. Even Mueller’s Report confirmed there was No Russian Hack, to begin with.



We must realize that this entire agenda set out by the World Economic Forum is all about showing that the only way for us to be secure is to surrender all cash, move to an international government cryptocurrency that can then be traced, and put an end to all crime.

503 Error

Interestingly, a very widespread problem with back-end internet services that have been shut down or disrupted impacting major parts of the internet Tuesday morning. It seems to be the social media and news outlets which include Reddit along with several national news organizations. Their websites have gone offline and in their place, there’s a 503 Error message saying service is unavailable. True, the 503 Service Unavailable error is an HTTP status code that means the website’s server is simply not available right now.

2021 Ransom ware

I find it CONVENIENT just like COVID that all of a sudden everything is getting hacked which did not exist previously on this scale. Hackers before stole access to people’s accounts and the object were to make money. All of a sudden, the target is the exact things the World Economic Forum wants to shut down meat and fossil fuels. This is way too “CONVENIENT” from what I see.