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Zelensky “Feels Betrayed” By West

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Sorry Zelensky, there is a new, younger war in town and all eyes are on her. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told Time Magazine that he feels “betrayed” by the West since America is now funding two proxy wars. “Zelensky feels betrayed by his Western allies. They have left him without the means to win the war, only the means to survive it,” Time quoted a member of his team as saying.

Zelensky attempted to travel to Washington yet again to ask for another blank check. The entire US government almost shutdown over these blank checks but lawmakers managed to remove an additional $6 billion in aid for Ukraine to avert another crisis. Zelensky could care less about the crippling US national debt or the fact that our own people do not receive aid. He doesn’t care that the US sent more to Ukraine than all of Europe combined because Biden promised unwavering support and funding. The most alarming aspect is that he does not care about the tens of thousands of Ukrainian men who have died fighting this pointless war.

Zelensky Money Hungry

“The scariest thing is that part of the world got used to the war in Ukraine,” Zelensky said, adding, “Exhaustion with the war rolls along like a wave. You see it in the United States, in Europe. And we see that as soon as they start to get a little tired, it becomes like a show to them: ‘I can’t watch this rerun for the 10th time’.”

I for one am exhausted of hearing this former comedian with no geopolitical experience beg for fame and fortune. He knew the deal when he was installed as president. He could easily be replaced with another puppet. Did he actually think the West would show up and defeat Russia to save a nation that they wouldn’t even permit into the EU or NATO? Ukraine was merely the stepping stone for the Neocons to launch their own war with Russia. Now, the Neocons believe they can use the Middle East as their battleground instead. The invisible hand causes everyone to act in their own self-interest, and the West will put their money in that direction.

Ukraine is now the property of BlackRock and JPMorgan, and they may cause more economic hell for Ukraine than Russia ever did. It was always a game, Zelensky – a game Ukraine was destined to lose.