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WHY is Nobody Investigating Bill Gates?

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QUESTION: Marty; Do you think Gates can be stopped?


ANSWER: I believe based upon his conduct, Bill Gates is such an elitist he lacks wisdom. He sees the world only through the lens of his climate change philosophy which was instilled in him by his father who obviously was a believer in Malthus. He is no scientist, knows nothing about economics no less history, and even admits that in his interview with the London FT. Politicians are attracted to money like bugs to pretty blue lights. They lack any comprehension of economics or history, so our fate has been handed to the most unqualified group of people probably in recorded history. That said, Gates will find his ideas of pressing the people to forge his new world order of ZERO CO2 will lead to massive violence. He may go down in history for killing more people than the ideas from Karl Marx.

I know so many people will hate what I am about to say, but here it goes anyway. Our greatest hope remains Donald Trump. Why? Make no mistake about it, Bill Gates meets with world leaders around the globe. They are impressed by his money and hope to hit him up. Money will not buy Trump and that is why he does not get along with Trump — he cannot be bought. What is interesting is that Gates has not met with Trump since he became president. He did meet with him at Trump Tower when he was president-elect. The meeting was claimed to have been about technology, but in fact, it was Gates trying to manipulate Trump into promoting his climate change agenda which failed. Ever since that meeting, Gates has been opposed to Trump and works to undermine him whenever possible.

Gates meets world leaders around the globe. He is there for only two possible reasons: (1) pitch his vaccine/climate change, and/or (2) offer political donations/favors to achieve his end goals.

Gates openly meets with many other world leaders who are willing to help him in his climate change/virus agenda. He was even given a residency in Estonia. He has met with just about every European leader including Portugal’s leader who is a staunch supporter of the lockdown and anti-Trump.

Bill Gates gives more money to the World Health Organization than every other government except the United States, which Trump has suspended and should TERMINATE. Gates ends up controlling the very money US taxpayers hand the WHO for they do whatever Gates directs them.



Exactly what is Gate’s agenda? He is not a medical doctor, an economist, and even admits he has no idea about economic history. He is not a scientist on climate, and he never wrote the program DOS that made Microsoft — he bought it for peanuts. He has basically shut down meat production but conveniently has investments in meat substitutes. In fact, Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio joined forces, not just in climate change, but in promoting meat substitutes because cattle eat grass and emit CO2.

Gates has huge investments in vaccine companies. If he vaccinates the entire world and made just $1 from each person, that is $7.5 billion. This is a huge violation of the Securities Exchange Act as he has major conflicts of interest that are undisclosed. If I did that without disclosing my conflicts, I would go to jail for 20 years.

Gates obviously has scared the hell out of people running around TV worldwide, advocating lockdowns, and then justifies his actions by saying people do not want to leave their homes. He has destroyed more jobs than any invader in history, has set in motion massive food shortages which may help his reduction in population for rebuilding a ZERO CO2 environment. He has no respect for democracy nor how he has destroyed people’s pensions.


CDC Effective Vaccine

You cannot vaccinate the entire world. He cannot be that stupid. This is really about destroying the economy for Climate Change. The CDC’s data shows that the very best vaccines are only 60% effective. There will NEVER be 100% guarantees. Then the formula has to change every year. So this is something he intends to use to rule the world and sell his vaccines yearly. For what? Around $15 to $50 billion annually? Vaccines are NOT 100% safe and they are endless for every new virus mutation would require another vaccine. Is he trying to imprison all of society and depopulate the world so he can have more than 3 children?

God help us. Will some government PLEASE investigate? If he really believes what he is saying, how many people will starve and how many domestic violence cases will there be? How much sexual abuse against children will take place? He takes no responsibility for any of this.

Then we have city and states who intend to raise property taxes more than 30% to compensate for their lost revenue already. Without jobs, 30% of mortgages do belly-up. Real estate crashes! What about more than 50 million people losing their jobs in the USA alone? Less than 1 million people were diagnosed with this virus. That does not warrant quarantining the world. Never in human history has that EVER been done! More than 30% of Americans will lose their homes who have mortgages. Does he care about any of this? That alone proves he is a dangerous elitist, yet the press licks the groups he has already walked on.


The press asks nothing about all of this. Nothing! Just maybe they should stop hating Trump so damn much and look at someone who is impacting the entire world and changing everyone’s future.