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Is the Gates Foundation Transparent?

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Gates Foundation

QUESTION: Isn’t Bill Gates linked with Al Gore and Greenpeace? Was he too using Greta? Wasn’t he funding covert political events in India?


ANSWER: I do not know to what extent he was funding operations in India. Greenpeace was cut off for that activity. Gates, through his Gates Philanthropy Partners, is soliciting money to use to promote the COVID-19 global shut down. There is an independent organization that monitors things like the Gates Foundation. As Global Justice Now said in their report:

“This influence has earned the Bill and Melinda
Gates Foundation a place in the regular reporting
of aid to the global south, as compiled by the
OECD. But this has not been matched with the
corresponding accountability and scrutiny to the
public that we have in aid programmes run by
governments. At present, the foundation is obliged
to only report its high level financial figures to the US
government and its programmes are not subject to
independent or public evaluation.”



Gates has been obsessed with the population it seems his whole life. 2010 Bill Gates purchased 500,000 shares in multinational Monsanto — one of the world’s biggest developers and owners of genetically engineered crop patents and seed licenses. But in 2012, Bill Gates gave $10 million to British scientists to crack a problem he hoped might help solve the looming world food crisis. The Gates Foundation suggested that if British scientists could transfer the genes that give some root bacteria the ability to produce nitrogen from soil and air into wheat, corn, or rice plants, then it might help feed the nine billion people who will inhabit the planet by 2050.

Insofar as his links to Al Gore, Netflix released a three-part series called “Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates,” directed by Davis Guggenheim, who is best known for directing the Academy Award-winning Al Gore documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth.” But that is not the mere superficial line. Both Bill Gates and Al Gore funded $80 million to Nature’s Fynd to the end goal of replacing meat, because dairy cows create so much CO2. This is the goal of the company to promote animal-free protein.

There is an agenda and there are links. However, as Global Justice Now points out, the Gates Foundation is not very transparent.