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Welcome to the Revolution

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There are more and more songs coming out all about resistance is not futile. We have a wide variety of artists joining. I find it really insulting how the White House tells businesses not to comply with the courts. That is so outrageous and it is what you would expect from a revolutionary seeking to overthrow the Constitution – not the President of the United States. If there is no rule of law, there is no civilization. Shall we all not pay taxes and refuse to comply with all his executive orders if we ignore the courts?

WEF Schwab You Will Own Nothing

My family has fought in every war since the American Revolution. They have all fought for absolutely nothing but propaganda according to the Biden Administrations. They believed they were fighting for Liberty & Justice for all, not Marxism. Our right to freedom, which these governments are ignoring, is necessary to stop this push for the Great Reset and its Build Back Better scheme. This is all about government default and the Monetary Crisis Cycle which our computer forecast would arrive in 2021. They need to default on their national debts but to hide that fact they are pretending they are doing this for you saying “You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy.

Soros US must fall

These people are indeed trying to rob all of us of our future. They have used COVID to divide and conquer as people walk around with masks that will never protect them but they are too ignorant to even Google the question. Unfortunately, there are far too many sheep and this is what they are counting one – mindless drones.

Gates FDA

Even Bill Gates has been forced to admit his vaccines have failed to prevent inflection as well as spreading COVID. The greatest danger presented by these vaccines is that they may lower your immunity to other diseases as well by messing with your natural immune system. There are no long-term studies to confirm or deny this statement which is when the FDA approval smell of corruption when federal agencies are allowed to take private money. This is like one major brokerage house funding the SEC to investigate its competitors. Hence, the Gates Monopoly on Health.



History warns us that this is all going to turn very ugly in 2022.