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The Truth Behind Ukraine v Russia – Is the Evil Within?

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Back in 2014, the people were upset that the US was selecting the new leadership following the fall of Yanukovich. They were told if they revolted against the new regime, that they would receive no support from the West. The revolution was the people but everyone from the US to George Soros were desperately trying to steer things in their direction for regime change.

McCain Maidan Youtube

The Neocons, which included John McCain, have been using Ukraine as the vanguard in a proxy war with Russia. Of course, in military terms, the vanguard is the leading part of an advancing military formation. They are typically the first to die. John McCain was there at Maidan telling the people “I am with you” giving the impression that the United States was standing behind their revolution. YouTube has curiously removed that video to clean up the truth that just maybe the Neocons have been behind this whole mess.



Nulan Pratt

It was the leaked phone call between Victoria Nuland and the Ambassador to Ukraine. Nuland is the chief Neocon that works from inside every administration running a government within a government. That is different from the Deep State which is interested in domestic power. That leaked phone call showed that the Neocons were deciding who should run Ukraine and Biden would be sent in for an at-a-boy to project the image of the full power of the United States was behind them. None of this is ever told to Congress and Congress seems to avoid asking any questions perhaps out of fear. This is NEVER a policy that is ever told to the people no less approved by Congress. It is always a government within our government that hides behind wrapping themselves in the American flag.

The strategy of the Neocons is always to demonize their opponent. McCain propagated the claim that Putin wanted to restore the Soviet Union. Well in 22 years, he has not taken any such steps to restore the borders or communism. Nevertheless, it is good propaganda just as they turned that strategy of hatred against Trump to remove him from office. Trump, like Kennedy, refused to engage in their endless wars. They assassinated Kennedy but demonized Trump and throughout his entire 4 years, all they did was create the fake Russiagate demonizing Russia and Putin in one move.


McCain Hillary

Of all the officials that Putin named in his sanctions on individuals, the one most curious was Hillary Clinton. I have stated before that the Bankers who engaged in blackmailing Yelstin (see the Forecaster) in their covert attempt to take over Russia was with the approval of Hillary, who is herself a Neocon. Hillary paid for the fictitious Russian dossier to create Russiagate against Trump and it was John McCain for handed it to James Comey to start the FBI investigation. When Comey took in Hillary for questioning, he never took notes to ensure she could never be prosecuted for perjury.

It was John McCain who sponsored the Magnitsky Act as a cover-up for their failed attempt to take over Russia (See documentary Behind the Scenes). Magnitsky was the accountant for Hermitage Capital, not the lawyer, run by Edmon Safra and Bill Browder. Of course, Browder likes to call himself Putin’s Number One Enemy, but Putin did not include him in the list of these sanctions – it was Hillary.

The Neocons cannot sleep at night as long as Russia and China still exist. They have been putting out BS that Russia was losing when Putin was
holding back and had no intention of conquering Ukraine. When Zelensky would not compromise taking his orders from the Neocons, Putin then went on the offensive. That column of tanks was just sitting there as a threat but Zelensky was taking his orders from someone else. Zelensky did nothing but try to get the West involved in WWIII which has been the objective of the Neocons. Zelensky’s Congress speech was another publicity stunt but he could not get the invasion of the West for the military knows well that such a movie will engulf all of Europe.

Putin could have wiped out Ukraine in 3 days. He held back because occupying Ukraine was never his objective and the propaganda from the Neocons that Putin wanted to restore the Soviet Union has been proven to be nonsense. Unfortunately for the Ukrainians, not only were they not winning, they were deliberately used by the Neocons as the vanguard in this desperate attempt to create WWIII to destroy Russia and then China.

2019 Zelensky Wins

The handwriting is on the wall. Zelensky had better take the deal to surrender the two provinces as the Minsk Agreement stated in 2014 for which he was elected to REDUCE tension with Russia, end this idea of joining NATO, and end the bullshit claim on Crimea. He has put his citizens in the line of fire for the Neocons who could care less about the people, their objective is to destroy Russia at any cost. This has not been in the interest of Ukraine. It has been just a proxy fight for the Neocons



World PeaceThese Neocons are a government within a government. They operate under their own rules and are not subject to oversight. Senator Rubio quickly changed the subject when questioning Victoria Nuland and then subsequently the Senate has been desperately trying to undo that testimony pretending that there is a distinction between a Biolab for Research and a Biolab for weapons.

Zelensky SchwabA gun is just a gun and it has no will of its own. But in the hands of a policeman, it is a defensive weapon but in the hands of a criminal, it is suddenly offensive. Studying a virus and experimenting with gain-of-function caused COVID. There is no distinction and this is all total propaganda to cover up what the Neocons have been doing and will continue to do until they get their way – WWIII.

I support my friends in Ukraine. I hope one day they will get a leader of their own who cares about his own country and its people. Zelensky is not that person. He has been funded covertly through dubious means that link Soros and he has joined the WEF’s Young Global Leaders.



Meanwhile, Putin has delivered a speech that I believe will go down in history with hindsight.  Putin described the end of Western domination and the consequences that will pay for the whole planet. He also announced the end of the oligarchs and the implementation of models of nationalization of some industries. In reality, the sizing of assets in the West of oligarchs thinking that would hurt Putin was just revenge for Bill Browder and it actually strengthened Putin by eliminating people who would perhaps try to fund a revolution against him to keep wealth and control.

Putin in a recent speech on March 17th actually called them “traitors and bastards”, of the “fifth phalanx”, while he spoke of “self-purification of society” in Russia. People do not understand Putin. He really sees himself as a patriot and he puts the country first. When you have wealth, you do not rob a Seven-Eleven. He is seeking a legacy in the history of Russia. Browder was seeking revenge for his seizure of Hermitage Capital and the entire scheme to take over Russia to exploit its gold, platinum, oils, diamonds, and rare earths. As I said, I was solicited to invest $10 billion into Hermitage Capital. So I know the real story and listened to the sales pitch to get me to join, which I declined.

Putin’s latest speech shows that the Neocon narrative is propaganda. Putin is effectively severing Russia from the West’s economy and is seeking more independence and in league with China. He has expressed disgust about how the West is canceling all Russian culture which was exemplified by the NY Met firing an opera singer simply because she was Russian.


Until now, world leaders pursued peace and co-existence. Today, there are no peacemakers. They simply NEED war to cover up the collapse of Keynesian economics and the monetary system of borrowing endlessly with no intention of paying anything back. On top of that, the Neocons preach the evil of Putin in Russia and Xi Jinping in China. However, the very system they created for the EU copies precisely what they claim is evil in Russia and China. The head of the EU does not stand for election by the people. They are appointed by the elite. The European Commission which makes the laws is also NEVER elected. The people only vote for Parliament which has no power to overrule the head of state nor the Commission. Europe lives in a fake world of democracy. THIS IS THEIR DESIGN FOR THE WORLD

Schwab WEF End of Democracy

So while they DEMONIZE Putin, they want to end democracy even here in the United States promising to retain pretend rights.

Schwab 2030 Overthrow USA 1

Soros US must fall

Evil Within ConfusiusUkraine is just the vanguard and I morn for the Ukrainian people who are simply being used as cannon fodder (those who are regarded as expendable in battle) in this political game to take over the world. While they keep trying to create regime change in Russia and China, perhaps we need someone to stand up against the Neocons right here at home.

The evil is within for it does not matter if we vote Democrat or Republican – they remain in place for both sides.