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The Power to Manipulate is a Delusion

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Hello Martin,

every day I read your blog. Today was about All Roads Lead to the Dollar and manipulation:

First you say that the system cannot be manipulated:
(“the system, which is crumbling before our eyes, cannot be manipulated. This is why BREXIT, Trump, and now Hollande in France are stepping out and Italy rejected the EU referendum. The cycle has changed and all of this is beyond government or banks to control the outcome. They are not intentionally doing this, for they cannot even understand human behavior no less manipulate it.

But then your say:
“Trump took it to the people the elite just assumed were sheep to be manipulated. Trump showed that the silent majority are starting to demand they be heard”.

So it seems a bit of a contradiction?

If I try to connect the dots together, it forms this:

The system can be manipulated by “the elite” (government, big coorporations etc) to a certain extent.
That is, UNTIL humans are fed up.
This is predictable human behaviour (enough is enough, fed up with corruption, many examples in history, so measurable and predictable).
THEN, when people had enoug, THE CYCLE CHANGES.

Is this correct?

Kind regards, and I am very thankful for your education.

Kind regards, C

ANSWER: Part of the cycle is that the general public allows the government to become corrupt because we do not hold them accountable. It is not that the elite successfully manipulate society; it is more that society is complacent, and when it finally gets bad, they respond as they just did with Trump, BREXIT, and in Italy. People like Hillary have been scamming the system the entire time. To them, they think, “Well no one said anything when we stole $1,000, $10,000, and then $100,000, so why are they angry when I take $1 million?”

What I mean insofar as the system cannot be manipulated, is that nobody can alter the major trend against the cycle. The people will allow corruption up to a point. But those in power cannot manipulate it to the extent that they are capable of preventing the uprising; i.e. Tiananmen Square 1989. Even China and Russia learned that lesson where the socialist/Marxist agenda is to subjugate one group for the pleasure of another.

The elite and bankers can assume they have the power to manipulate, but they are just fools; drunk with their own importance. When they were wrong, and our forecasts were correct, like the collapse of Russia in 1998 which resulted in the Long-Term Capital Management collapse, they said I manipulated the world economy because I had more people than they did and my clients won while they lost. They judged me by what they were trying to do — rig the game. So in other words, they would have won, but for me. That was really absurd, but understandable when someone is drunk with power. Blaming me relieved them of failing to manipulate the system to prevent the crash. They preferred to assume I had more people than they did so the solution was eliminate me. They even went to the extent of then claiming I stole the idea of Pi from a movie that came out in 1998 in Australia. They even lied about the timeline and assume people are stupid and won’t bother to look at dates. I suppose I also had a time machine, when forward, and then took it back to 1985. They will say whatever they need to to try to discredit people to further their own power.

When Goldman Sachs had a programmer they accused of stealing their code, they warned that this was dangerous for he could manipulate markets. Of course, they would NEVER do such a thing. They only do “God’s work.” Every commodity has been manipulated within the trend for short bursts. It never is enough to change the major trend. They take their profit and then run to the next. They DO NOT manipulate markets systemically like suppressing gold to help the Fed or whatever. Those ideas are even more off the planet. They play markets for a quick profit – in out – goodbye.

The power that be in New York City could not prevent the crash in 2007 despite the fact that own all the regulators, politicians, and the courts. Even Goldman Sachs needed to be bailed out. So the all-powerful was not so powerful after all was said and done.


This is why I say nobody can manipulate the business cycle to prevent anything from Russia, China, to the Fed and the bankers. The cycle rules and that, with time, will end the illusion that they are in charge. When it does, things will crumble. When Credit Anstalt failed in 1931 in Austria, it began the banking meltdown.  In the United States, 9,000 banks failed during the decade of the 30s. It’s estimated that 4,000 banks failed during the one year of 1933 alone. By 1933, depositors saw $140 billion disappear through bank failures. Why did the Austrian bank failure set off a global crisis? One of the shareholders was the Rothschilds. When that failed, the idea that the elite are above everything crumbled to the ground in dust. We will see the very same thing happen this time around.


So beware. The downside of this conspiracy theory that these people at the top can manipulate society comes with a price – when it crumbles, the confidence vanishes and people are rudely awakened by the fact that nobody is in charge. We are at the judgment of fate. Therefore, you are correct. When the people had enough, the cycle changes.