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The Collapse of a Nation Takes 13 years

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Legal Persecution

In law, it has been a maxim that bad facts make bad law. Every lawyer knows that. That is why the government will seek the worst case to expand the law and apply it to others. This legal maxim is certainly not new. All of those who go to law school are never taught that this maxim was, according to my research, first stated by Julius Caesar in 63BC during the trial of the Cataline Conspiracy. That was the alleged scheme to overthrow the government no so different from the allegations against Trump in the January 6th event they have called an “INSURRECTION” to desperately try to apply the 14th Amendment that was written concerning the American Civil War.

In 63 BC, Julius Caesar delivered a speech to the Roman Senate where they had to protect him from corrupt senators like Cicero. This alleged conspiracy was led by the patrician Catiline, whom Cicero set out to prosecute because he was of the opposition. The allegation was that he intended to overthrow the Roman government. Cicero did his best to deny Catline every right a Roman would have in a legal constitutional sense. Cicero whipped up the mob, demanding their execution against the law. When the Roman Senate convened, Cicero stood up and asked what should be done to them, and his co-conspirators shouted out death.

The historian Sallust recorded the incident and tells us that Gaius Julius Caesar stood up and explained that Roman law forbids the execution of Roman citizens even for heinous crimes. He argued that executing the conspirators would thus require the creation of a radical and dangerous precedent in and of itself that would really overthrow the legal foundation of the government. Caesar argued:

Whatever befalls these prisoners will be well deserved; but you, Fathers of the Senate, are called upon to consider how your action will affect other criminals. All bad precedents have originated in cases which were good; but when the control of the government falls into the hands of men who are incompetent or bad, your new precedent is transferred from those who well deserve and merit such punishment to the undeserving and blameless.”

I have explained that we have entered very dangerous times. Most historians have concluded that Cicero invented the entire Cataline Conspiracy for his own political advantage. The facts did not add up to any true plot that would have even been remotely successful. They were summarily executed after a fierce senate debate without any constitutional rights on December 5th merely on the fake evidence of Cicero.

Mill John Stuart Legal Persecution

What they have unleashed against Trump is EXTREMELY dangerous. The allegations and summary execution of the fake Cataline Conspiracy by Cicero was a turning point that ultimately led to the Civil War and the collapse of the Roman Republic 13 years later. When we reach 2032, it will be also about 13 years from the entire conspiracy that began in 2019 to overthrow the United States as we have known it.

These prosecutions of Trump have done the same damage as the Catline Conspiracy – bad facts make bad precedent. They subjected Trump to two impeachments, and naturally that only provides an incentive to the Republicans to do the same to Biden. We now have confirmation that Fani Willis met with Kamala Harris BEFORE Trump was indicted. In New York, the courts are so corrupt that they are desperately trying to use legal persecution to bankrupt Trump. Even a $91 million award to this politically motivated E Jean Carroll or anyone else with such an absurd judgment would be dismissed by a real judge. There is no relation to any economic loss; she would never have earned that kind of money in her entire lifetime or the combined income of her friends behind this lawsuit.

New York City should be kicked out of the United States because, like California, it opposes Due Process of Law and everything that the Founding Fathers ever intended. The Rule of Law has collapsed, and with it, our nation, just as the Catline Conspiracy, tore the soul out of the rights of Roman citizens. This was just one reason why Caesar crossed the Rubicon. It was the Senate that fled because the people never saw them as worthwhile—just corrupt politicians to rig the game – Rome’s Deep State.

History Repeats because Human Nature Never Changes