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Only Australia’s Sky News is Defending the People Against Schwab

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Schwab Charles

Mainstream media is still desperately acting like the Nazis at Nuremberg — I was just following orders. ONLY Sky News in Australia has the guts to call out these people for what they are. Klaus Schwab and his academic dreams of reordering the world have to be exposed. A CLASS ACTION lawsuit should be filed against Schwab and his World Economic Forum; subpoena all the financial records and internal notes, and DO IT QUICKLY before he and others destroy them. Schwab’s arrogance has created over 300 million unemployed and he has been instrumental in advising world leaders to destroy their economies.

The World Economic Forum is a leftist organization and they are using their influence. They knew this virus was coming. Within weeks, he was standing by with his Great Reset. That lawsuit needs to be filed in the USA and it MUST NOT be in the Southern District of New York. That is the most corrupt court in the country and they will protect Schwab along with all the bankers that they are notorious for protecting.

Free Speech


The mainstream press really should be sued and put out of business for deliberately engaging in propaganda against both the people and furthering Soros’s One World Government. ABC, CDS, NBC, and CNN, along with the Washington Post, and the New York Times have deliberately pushed this virus into scare tactics to further Schwab’s Great Reset. We seriously need the Fairness Doctrine restored whereby ALL media must present both sides. They are a disgrace to the very spirit of free speech. So many people lost everything because of these people.