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Nunes Memo is Out

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Nunes Memo

Here is the Nunes memo the FBI and the Democrats did not want to be released. This confirmed that the FBI and Department of Justice abused their surveillance authority to target Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. This describes a criminal act on the part of the FBI – FRAUD UPON THE COURT.

White House made no redactions to the memo and declassified the document “in full.” The release puts Trump at odds with the FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, both who have urged Trump not to release it for fear that it really just makes them look very bad.

The memo lays out that the very top law enforcement officials knowingly used the unverified information to convince a court to give them a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. This is no different from Watergate that took Nixon down. Here the FBI and DOJ used a court by means of FRAUD to accomplish the very same thing as what took place in Watergate and it explains a lot as to why Comey never took notes on the interview with Hillary.

The FBI expressed “grave concerns” about the memo’s release, suggesting it is inaccurate. That is to be expected. They either told the source of their information to the court or they did not. All they need to do is come forward and prove that that did inform the court the source of the info came from the Hillary campaign.

The FBI has stonewalled Congress’ demands for information for nearly a year. They have had ample time to explain but have failed to do so. They are correct insofar as the release calls into question the integrity of the FBI and DOJ, but that becomes very obvious for months.

It’s no surprise to see the FBI and DOJ issue objections to allowing the American people to see information related to surveillance abuses at these agencies. The corruption in the FBI and DOJ has infected the agencies right to the top and it is highly questionable that simply removing the head of agencies will change anything. The disease has run very deep.

What should happen is very clear. Those who argued before the court should stand for criminal charges. Then they will sing and you will get to the full scope of how bad this infection really has become.