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Hunter Biden Jury – Truly His Peers

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The rigged judicial system has selected a jury for Hunter Biden’s federal gun trial who are truly a group of his peers. The 54-year-old First Son pleaded not guilty to lying about his crack cocaine abuse when purchasing a firearm. He later had his brother’s ex-wife and former affair partner discard that weapon in public near a school, but she is not facing charges for that simple mistake. Hunter is looking at three felony charges related to this single incident, as no one is prosecuting him for the numerous crimes found on his Laptop From Hell or the blatant misuse of his father’s political standing when conducting business in China and Ukraine.

“Addiction may not be a choice, but lying and buying a gun is a choice,” Hunter’s lawyer stated in his opening comments. “We would not be here today if he was just a drug addict.” There is photographic evidence on his laptop of him using drugs. He wrote a book entitled, “Beautiful Things,” in which he admits to being addicted to crack cocaine during the time he purchased the firearm. There was a voicemail found from his father a few days before Hunter purchased the gun, asking him to get help. The evidence against him is overwhelming.


Who has the liberal justice system appointed to judge Hunter? They all happen to have ties to the liberal party and/or would be extremely sympathetic to anyone facing charges due to drug usage. One juror had a childhood best friend die from a heroin overdose, while another had a brother-in-law die from alcoholism, and the juror believes it is a “disease.” A third juror had a brother arrested for possessing narcotics and his father was shot dead. A fourth juror admitted to having a brother who is addicted to both heroin and PCP. One woman on the jury was actually in the Secret Service, and her husband still serves in the Secret Service. You really cannot make this stuff up. One young juror has a DUI charge, while another said that marijuana use should not prevent someone from owning a firearm. The alternate juror had donated to the Obama campaign.

This gun charge is nothing compared to what Hunter Biden has done regarding state secrets, but those crimes were committed with the help of “the Big Guy” and won’t see the light of day in a courtroom.

Donald Trump has a jury of people who the courts knew would never sympathize with him. He was convicted on 34 separate felony cases related to hush money. Thirty-four charges. We clearly have a two-tiered justice system where those in the establishment are simply above the law.