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The Receipts Proving the CCP Bought the Bidens

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CEFC, directly linked to the CCP Chairman Jinping Xi, has been funneling money to the Biden crime family for years. China owns America’s commander-in-chief. Rep Byron Donalds exposed the corruption between Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, James Biden, and Sarah Biden.

“Yes, the CEFC is willing to cooperate with the family,” a WhatsApp message to Hunter Biden was noted in response to his threats. We are familiar with the popular WhatsApp message Hunter sent, stating that his powerful father was sitting in the room with him, demanding money. The corruption goes far deeper.

First, $100,000 was transferred from Owasco PC into CEFC infrastructure, which then went to Hunter Biden. Four days later, $5 million was transferred from the Northern International Capital account to Hudson West III, a bank account controlled by Hunter Biden and a CEFC associate. During the same time period, $400,000 was transferred from Hudson West III to Northern International Capital, another account associated with the CCP. More money was moved when $150,000 was transferred from Owasco PC to LionHall, which is controlled by James Biden.

Then, Sara Biden, the wife of James Biden, withdrew $50,000 on behalf of LionHall Group. Sara Biden then submitted the money into her personal account. Later, Sara wrote a check to now President Joe Biden to the tune of $40,000 signed “LOAN REPAYMENT” — Joe Biden’s own accountant has no record of that “loan repayment.”

This is clearly treason. If Trump or anyone else was found accountable for these actions, they’d never see the light of day again. Joe Biden and his crime family are above the law in our two-tiered justice system. Joe Biden is eligible for re-election but was legally declared too mentally incompetent to stand trial. Perhaps the average voter does not understand the implications of having a president who sold out to a foreign nation and acted in ways to betray national security.