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How to Stop Bill Gates – We Need Everyone to Write NOW!

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I have very good sources as most people know. Gates must be stopped by breaking up his monopoly on Health. How do we do that? You must get out your damn pen, get off your locked-downed but, and write to your Congress representative, Senator, and the White House. Why? Because they were bribed to eliminate ALL human and Civil Rights to sue for the personal injury or death caused by a vaccine. Remove that 100% freedom of liability and you will disarm Gates. He is pushing his vaccine which DOES NOT have to be tested because there is no liability if they get it wrong or inject some other substance with ID2020 to track us and the press will protect Gates and NEVER reveal what is even in such a vaccine.

CDC Effective Vaccine

Gates FDA r

I will usually get the flu shot. I had my children vaccinated. But this is now different. Vaccinating the entire world is IMPOSSIBLE and at best vaccines are only 60% effective according to the CDC, which Bill Gates also controls. We cannot even trust the FDA because nobody will investigate Bill Gates and look into his control of the FDA, which he also openly works with.

COVID Scare Tactics


Gates is all over the globe telling people they will/might die if they refuse to accept his vaccine. Why? What is so important about a virus that is less lethal than the flu? There must be another agenda of control at work. Yet Gates has admitted in a public interview that 700,000 people could die from his vaccine. That is outrageous!

There is a serious behind-the-curtain push in Europe to prevent people from getting on an airplane again without a health certificate that you are free from the COVID-19 which is  1/10th of the flu in real impact. Germany has come out and stated it will NOT mandate Gates’ vaccine. Meanwhile, A renowned corona researcher has been murdered in the United States. He was on the brink of a scientific breakthrough against the corona pandemic. His killer was found dead in a car. We are crossing over into the Hillary Twilight Zone.

There is a very serious agenda going on here and people better wake up and fast. The 2020 election is going to be escalated upwards using this virus. Our models show it will be back for the next flu season starting in September. I can write the headlines now: Trump Causes Deaths Because He Opened the Economy TOO Early!

I have run the model on Gates personally. I will release that analysis tomorrow. Suffice it to say, this IS A BATTLE we can win!. It looks like this is Gates’ grandstand event in his life, but it ends here in 2020.

COVIS 19 Vaccine

The Democrats only have this issue of the virus to try to take down Trump. The Democrats will try to switch the debate and call those who are against Gates the very same people who are right-wing anti-government extremists who need to be suppressed, imprisoned, and behind closed doors – terminated. This election will interestingly turn on Gates, his virus, his orchestrated economic Gates Depression and his demand for worldwide vaccination for this virus that does not even reach the epidemic level at 7.7% of the population.

Monopoly game

Gates has funded every study that predicted 2 million Americans should be dead by now and others that said 500,000 will be dead. He controls the World Health Organization, the UN Climate Change, the CDC, NIH, FDA, every medical research university around the globe – he controls them all! He has organized a Global Monopoly of the Health Industry as he did with Microsoft. That is his greatest talent – monopolization. Sure, I played the Monopoly Game as a kid – but it was just a game. It did not spark visions of grandeur to control the world as it seems to have done with Bill Gates.


There are a lot of conspiracy theories running around. One that the Pirbright Institute has the patent on the vaccine since November 2019 and Gates owns it. Here too, Gates does NOT own Pirbright Institute, but he has been involved. Is this the vaccine he intends to roll out? Who knows for sure. But the danger with conspiracy theories is that they are themselves a way to demean all dissent.

It could be Gates’ PR firm which starts this sort of conspiracy, make sure it spreads everywhere, and then they easily show it is false. They then take that to discredit everything else without lifting a finger. We MUST be very careful NOT to jump on these conspiracy theories for that is the very way they use that strategy to win.

Press News Video

The entire strategy is ALWAYS to deliberately attack the messenger because they do not want to address the crisis. To find the truth, my #1 favored method is just follow the money. Gates has the backing of all the Pharmaceutical Companies which have a huge lobby. The press will not defend the people. They should ask any politician who makes statements against the anti-vaccine movement if they accept money from any drug-related company or lobby. Naturally, they will NEVER do that so the press is just worthless anymore. They are part of the conspiracy process to undermine all our rights, privileges and immunities and are usually too ignorant to even understand that they are a manipulated tool in the hands of very dark forces – i.e. FAKE NEWS!.

1 ECM 2032 Notes

The entire design of Socrates is based upon the realization that there are so many variables and combinations that attempting to reduce the economic prospects for the future to a single cause and effect is absolutely impossible. The same is true when you have this many vaccines. Socrates is the ONLY model that predicted the peak in this virus correctly: “The computer forecast the peak would be this week of April 6th. New York has had to admit it peaked this week. I trust Socrates. It has no political agenda.” It is the Only model that predicted years in advance that this would be the Commodity Wave (2020-2028) and it would be build on shortages – not speculative demand. These forecasts are NOT my personal opinion, yet not press will ever report what Socrates has done because (1) it goes against the consensus we would all die, and (2) they can;t help attacking me the messenger because they cannot argue with a computer.

As I have said, I was vaccinated and I had my children vaccinated. What Gates is doing is very wrong. There are way too many combinations with vaccines and that creates a complete unknown that no drug company bothers to investigate. The drug companies have been relieved of ALL liability thanks to Congress. They can even deliberately kill people and never be charged or sued. That is UN-AMERICAN!!!!!

You cannot relieve Gates and his Health Monopoly of all liability and simultaneously standby and allow his to try to get politicians to pass laws making his vaccine mandatory or you will not be able to leave your home if you still have one since you will not be able to work.

So get out your pen – PLEASE! Write to every politician you can before Bill Gates outlaws mail because like paper money it contains life-threatening virus he has another vaccine for. Gates is a very dangerous man. He has attacked this like someone trying to conquer the world, has no remorse for those who have committed suicide, lost their jobs, homes, pensions, and marriages. He obviously does not believe in democracy or why didn’t he run for president in the Democrats? Perhaps he is waiting to be drafted as their candidate after Biden takes one of his vaccines.