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What is the Most Essential Key to Public Safety?

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1 ECM 2032 Notes

I named the model that tracks the world economy the Economic Confidence Model because in all my research sustaining public trust has always been the most crucial factor in maintaining an economy, civil order, and in the end, international peace and stability. I question if the majority of the people are not seeing through this coronavirus scare. Just speaking to ordinary people who have no idea what I do, so far out of more than 25 encounters, I have yet to find one person who believes what is going on. There is no point in trying to take a poll on the site. There will be some naysayers because they just hate my guts being a Socialist or a goldbug, and they do not like my commentary anyhow. Gallup Poll has reported that 8 in 10 Americans have had their lives disrupted by the virus. In polling whether this virus was exaggerated for political purposes, some 30% of Americans have said yes. (Economist/YouGov).

The question becomes how far can they stretch this out before the majority of the people become skeptical? I warned this was a regular seasonal virus when they were claiming it would last for 18 months. The computer forecast the peak would be this week of April 6th. New York has had to admit it peaked this week. I trust Socrates. It has no political agenda.