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France Demanding to Trace Everything People Do – 21st Century Tyranny

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Sixth WaveECM

Apple has been fighting off governments who are trying to eliminate all privacy by demanding the company provide back doors to allegedly combat terrorism. Now France is demanding that Apple allow its forthcoming coronavirus contact-tracing app to operate in the background of all its iPhones without building in any privacy measures, as reported by BBC. This further demonstrates that government is doing exactly what Socrates has forecast for these last two final waves in the ECM — authoritarian regimes that will most likely eventually suspend democracy and thereby elections on the next contrived crisis. All of this for a virus that has killed 50% less than the annual flu.

This is the Sixth Wave from the beginning of capitalism. We are in store for the collapse of governmental structures. This is why they are becoming so aggressive and have used every possible excuse to remove all hard won human rights.