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Why Global Warming is Good

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One of my greatest concerns with all this Global Warming nonsense is that nobody seems to ever plot weather against the rise and fall of civilization. When you do, you arrive at a strikingly different perspective of global warming. The greatest advancements in civilization have ALWAYS taken place during periods of global warming. When the temperatures drop, crops fail, death becomes widespread, and society seems to barricade itself in withdrawing from trade.

History is constantly being re-written as new discoveries are made, The global warming period that allowed the rise of Rome included the warming of the seas to the point that the Romans did sail to Canada where Roman swords have been discovered in addition to sending ambassadors to China.

Minoian Ships

Minoan IngotsThe Minoan society began the Bronze Age. To make bronze, they needed tin. Low and behold, the Minoans traded with the British of Stonehenge Age period prior to 1650BC. They sailed into the Atlantic for trade giving birth to the Bronze Age. The money for trade consisted of bronze ingots cast into the shape of a sheep-skin with the four legs.

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The fall of the Minoan Civilization coincided with the eruption of Thera (today known as Santorini). This destroyed their ships and commerce and allowed the barbarians, then the Greeks from Mycenae, to plunder their society and also that of Troy before collapsing into a Dark Age due to climate change and global cooling.

If the climate turns bitterly cold after 2032, there is not much we can do about it. The Earth will not obey any law passed by humankind. Global Warming is when civilization rises – it does not end.