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The Killing Fields & Greenpeace’s Greta Thunberg

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Khmer Rouge Cambodia 300x101

A reader reminded me that the leader of the Khmer Rouge, Pol Pot, embraced the same ideals we are listening to in the rising trend of socialism and climate change. Pot came to admire the tribes in Cambodia’s rural northeast. He saw these people were self-sufficient and lived on the goods they produced through subsistence farming. He embraced Marxism and saw modern society as evil, as we are hearing once again in the climate change movement.

The Cambodian tribes, from Pot’s perspective, were like communes that worked together and shared everything from their collective labor. He touted that they were the example of how life should be — untainted by the evils of money, wealth and religion

In trying to force society back to a rural commune, there was mass starvation that became known as the Killing Fields.

This is a reoccurring problem where people simply hate technology and want to force the world back to a simplistic life. If Cambodia serves as yet another warning of this admixture of socialism and climate, then indeed the future does not appear to be very bright when we continually have to confront these people time and time again. In Europe, you are not even allowed to criticize climate change. Already, it has become a religion and how dare you speak out against it for you are an evil person.

Morgan Jennifer Gretta 300x282

Greta Thunberg is being coached by Greenpeace’s Jennifer Morgan who attended Davos along with Al Gore. Greenpeace is funding  Greta and their donors are a long list of socialists. Greta showed up just days before the election in Alberta, Canada, to tell the people they should surrender their jobs because of climate change. What is even more fascinating is that this is not being covered at all in Europe. They are not allowed to report that Greta is being groomed by Greenpeace and they were not allowed to report that she was flown into Canada to try to influence the election.

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Greenpeace has a long history of violence and now they found Greta to get attention like never before. They are strategically well aware that people will listen to Greta before they would ever listen to an adult. Greenpeace is out to accomplish a similar type of goal that was attempted in Cambodia. Back to a rural lifestyle, end fossil fuels, reduce the population and end technological evolution. As the Khmer Rouge, they too are Marxists who prefer to call themselves “Progressives” when in fact it is regression they seek to impose.

Earth Key CLR 300x206So while they launched a huge investigation about Russia trying to influence the US elections, not a single word will ever be reported about how Greenpeace is using Greta to get into governments and even Davos. Because she is a child, everyone is afraid to criticize her. Jennifer Morgan would NEVER get into Davos on behalf of Greenpeace. Greta is the key to the world. With Greta, they get about $20 million in donations to force the world onto the agenda of Greenpeace.