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Extreme Cold Hitting Europe Creating Food Shortages & Rationing

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Lettuce Frozen

Europe depends on food from Spain during the winter. With the climate turning down very hard toward a potential new mini ice age, the freezing cold, wet weather in southern Spain has devastated supplies of vegetables for consumers across Europe. Stores have begun rationing.

The vegetables impacted are broccoli, artichokes, aubergines, iceberg lettuces, zucchini and eggplants. The Spanish regions of Murcia, Almeria and Valencia are the key supply of food for Europe at this time of year but the cold is stretching down into the Middle East. The supply of these and other vegetables during the winter months are being wiped out. Social media is now using the hashtag #courgettecrisis for zucchini they call courgettes.

Meanwhile, last year I reported that Britain was headed into a mini ice age. Energy prices were starting to rise because of the cold. This year, they are reporting heavy snowfall and average temperatures plunged to -5C overnight in conditions which were colder than Iceland.

I restate – you should begin to stock can goods. There is no Global Warming. The danger is the opposite direction.