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Climate Change & the Inability of Rational Thought

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Genius A Students

COMMENT: Marty; I find it really interesting how people try to pretend you are wrong and claim it is warm where they are or because of some fluke one day high in the Antarctic. It seems to me these people are the lowest on the totem pole and are not very bright.  They are incapable of seeing the whole and are just Greta worshipers. Why are people, such idiots? Is there any hope for them? Or should we just write them off as not smart enough to even hold a conversation? There are also so many records broken for the past three years during each winter? They just never look beyond the headlines.


ANSWER: I learned a long time ago from a friend who was a medical doctor that there were two primary methods by which people think. There is a linear thinker who can only see in a straight line. They are often the A student because they just memorize and are incapable of creativity. As the saying goes, they end up working for the C students who have the creativity and are dynamic thinkers who connect the dots and see everything around them. The B student typically takes a safe job with the government.

2007 Artic Ice Gone

This winter is getting colder each year. I flew to Cancun to try to get warm and it was just in the 70s and was too cold to swim. This season has been smashing records for snowfall. I find it curious how these people send nasty emails to me yet are incapable of looking at the forecasts they cling to about global warming refusing to be objective. How about not bad considering the UN’s climate science body (IPCC) said in 2001 that snow would become rare! They had forecast in 2007 that Himalayan glaciers would melt away by 2035. They have come out and finally admitted that the forecast was unfounded. How about the forecasts: “Goodbye winter. Never again snow?” Der Spiegel, 1 April 2000. In 2007 they were forecasting all ice would be gone by 2012. A list goes on and on about every forecast these people have made has been wrong. They assume whatever trend is in motion will carry on forever. They never consider there is such a thing as a natural cycle.

You cannot reason with such people. They are incapable of rational independent thought. Above all, they offer no proof, just speculation based on linear assumptions. They have succeeded in destroying the European economy. Just watch the next 4 years.