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Brussels has More Power Than Rome – Italy Balks at Climate Change Agenda

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Meloni Giorgia Prime_Minister

Italy’s new PM, Giorgia Meloni, is learning that she cannot pick and choose what policies Italy would like to adopt from the ruling authority in the European Union. I was willing to give Meloni the benefit of the doubt after she rose to power from virtually nowhere as a perceived anti-establishment, right-winged nationalist candidate who was neither a fascist nor neo-fascist, who rose to power from virtually nowhere. Unfortunately, she has been compromised by the Neocon agenda, perhaps a bit naïve as she is a newcomer. However, Meloni is a nationalist and has begun to realize that Brussels has more authority than Rome.

The EU is pushing full speed ahead to meet climate initiatives, and they would like to ban the sale of new fossil fuel cars by 2035. Meloni believes that emissions should be reduced, but said the near 10-year plan “makes no sense,” and believes the green agenda is “pursued even at the cost of sacrificing entire production and industrial sectors, such as the automotive industry.” She stated that these measures would not only cripple the industrial sector and automotive agency, but it would cause Europe to become dependent on foreign nations. Those same foreign nations will see a boost in their workforce as well as Europe will lose thousands of positions due to lost industries.

Europe became more dependent on foreign nations for energy in general after the ruling authority at the EU blindly adopted green initiatives. Meloni does not understand that supporting Ukraine against Russia is tied into the need for foreign energy dependence. Europe shot itself in the foot by losing Russian energy, not to mention the entire Nord Stream disaster. They can say they no longer need Russian exports but Europe is still purchasing Russian gas, albeit from middlemen like India at a marked-up price. The billions utterly wasted on Ukraine will never be reinvested into Europe.

The climate change agenda destroyed America’s energy independence. There are fewer sources for the West as a whole to rely on for energy now. Meloni called the climate change agenda “ideological madness,” but she must realize that the climate change agenda is tied into this push for the next world war. The EU does not want to default on its debt and this push for war is a way to ensure it is swept under the rug. Climate change initiatives, global conflicts, the coming push for digital currencies – all of this was laid out plain as day in the plans for the Great Reset. This is not the first time Meloni has dissented with the EU-World Economic Forum partnership as she rejected the woke agenda in an attempt to preserve Italy’s Catholic roots.

Climate change is not an isolated issue as it directly connects to plans to change the global economy and civilization as a whole. It was distressing to see Rome on my last visit as countless shops and restaurants I previously frequented have permanently shuttered since the pandemic lockdowns that were also a direct order of EU policies.

It is my hope that Meloni begins to step away from the Neocon agenda and focus on Italy’s economic issues. Socrates indicates that Italy is heading into a recession, and we saw the Italian share market crash one week after the Economic Model Confidence Model target of May 7. The fiscal mismanagement of Italy and the EU as a whole is simply unsustainable and the repercussions will be felt.