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Climate Change & the 2020 ECM Turning Point

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The climate change propaganda has become a major economic factor which is undermining the global economy and lowering the standard of living for the average person. Governments have embraced it simply because it is the perfect excuse to raise taxes. It is causing separatist movements such as in Alberta, Canada to the civil unrest in France.

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The entire agenda has been orchestrated by real fanatics who are against the Industrial Revolution. Both Greenpeace’s Jennifer Morgan and Al Gore have pushed a very distorted theory using unsupported facts from a pretend 97% consensus on down to attributing the cyclical swing back from the Little Ice Age since the early 1800s to exclusively humans refusing to look at the historical cyclical record of climate.

Their push to enforce their theories by imposing higher taxes and regulations has set in motion the collapse of the German economy which is dooming the Eurozone as a whole. Al Gore and Jennifer Morgan have helped to instigate shutting down any dissent against their movement when we need serious investigations. To dissent is reminiscent of the witchhunts of McCarthy against Hollywood.

The insolvency of numerous European automobile manufacturers is now openly predicted by industry observers. Everything has to be subordinate to the change towards e-mobility and self-driving cars. The fact that electric cars are still not competitive is neglected, as is the question of whether citizens want to drive in vehicles controlled by technology groups.

The turning point in 2020 will be a very profound event that will be viewed with hindsight as we now can see the importance of the change in trend at the top of the ECM — 2015.75.

NASA’s forecast for the next solar cycle reveals it will be the weakest of 200 years. Results show that the next cycle will start in 2020 and reach their maximum in 2025. It is very interesting how it has aligned with the ECM turning point on January 18th. If we begin to see a sharp rise in volcanic eruptions, two or three such eruptions of 6+ can create a volcanic winter that would feed into the commodity cycle sending food prices much higher.