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Can Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum Ever Be Trusted?

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The Eugenicists/bioethicists/climate change/population reduction activists just won’t quit. The Actors of today are continuing the great work started long ago by their predecessors. They are allowed to practice their religion, while any religion that directly challenges and undermines their authority is now being shutdown along with any business that can compete with theirs. After all, John D Rockefeller has been credited with saying, “Competition is a sin”.

They believe in the survival of the fittest, but they know they’re not the fittest if push comes to shove. So they have to create the illusion they’re the fittest to maintain control, while trying to eliminate those that would beat them in order to survive. They got a jump start, but can they last?



Schwab the Forum

REPLY: Klaus Schwab is a very dangerous man, and a typical academic who thinks talking to the average person on the street is pointless since we are all stupid. Schwab, who is the founder of the Davos World Economic Forum, now has the audacity to warn that a failure to tackle the deep-rooted ills of our society in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic could exacerbate the risk of “violent shocks,” such as conflicts and revolutions. In other words, we MUST accept his Great Reset. He is in league with Bill Gates and others and sees no problem with destroying jobs and sharply reducing the food supply all to further his nonsense to stop global warming when CO2 is only 0.04% of the atmosphere.

There is no way to avoid civil unrest, global economic disputes, and the risk of international war all because Schwab and his friends are so arrogant that they think their delusions can redesign the world economy.