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WEF Seeks to End Private Car Ownership by 2050

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Goodbye car ownership, hello clean air: welcome to the future of transport,” the WEF published on its website back in December 2016. The first step is to transition cars to electric under the guise of climate change. This will cause all vehicles to be dependent on the electrical grid, which the government controls. Yet, they never planned to stop at electric vehicles. They want full control over you and where you go. It was announced at the Summer Davos that the ultimate goal is to end 75% of ALL car ownership, including electric vehicles, by the year 2050.

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The WEF hopes that the masses will be living within 15-minute cities by 2050. Originally they wanted to accomplish this by 2030 under Agenda 2030, but they need to obtain complete control over the banking system first and usurp our essential resources so that we will be completely dependent on government for survival. “The Urban Mobility Scorecard Tool: Benchmarking the Transition to Sustainable Urban Mobility,” which was released last month, states 70% of the population will live within these urban areas by 2050. The three stated pillars to achieve this goal are governance, resilience, and connectivity. Schwab said it himself that he has already infiltrated government cabinets globally, and they are swiftly implementing regulations to make his dystopian utopia possible. The resilience pillar aims to overtake as much space as possible, which is why BlackRock has been steadily buying residential properties. Connectivity is more than simply aligning with governments, as that was achieved in the first pillar. Connectivity aims to integrate their tools of control into modern society. Digital IDs, currency, and social scores are coming.

Schwab claims that eliminating private car ownership will slash CO2 emissions by 3.9 billion tons per year. As a reminder, everyone flew on private jets and was chauffeured in limousines to Davos – they do not care about the environment in the slightest. There is a much darker motive at play that the public needs to realize. Free transportation will be provided in these 15-minute cities where most of the population will reside. Everyone will have a digital ID and social credit score. This is NOT about climate change — the goal is to eliminate the freedom of movement.

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They can simply deny you access to your bank account with the push of a button. Without private vehicles, they can deny people access to public transportation to ensure everyone stays in place. The WEF does not think the human race has the right to freedom of movement. Everyone will be tracked and assigned a score based on how well they obey authority. Say they wanted to implement a climate lockdown for any reason at whim. Well, 70% of the population would then be guaranteed to stay in place with no alternative available. Took more trips on public transportation than your score allows? Entry denied! Didn’t take the latest vaccine? Entry denied! Governments across the globe are already on board to destroy society to BUILD BACK BETTER. They will make car ownership extremely difficult for the average person through taxes and regulations in the coming years. You will own nothing and be happy.