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Why America Faces a Civil War – There is no Alternative

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John Kerry

This election is unlike anything ever before. The Democrats lied to the people promising they will create jobs without mentioning that they are in league with the World Economic Forum and the Great Reset as is Canada for Agenda 2030 which has to first destroy as many jobs as possible. What the Democrats are doing engaging in politics as usual and it is not about raising your taxes 10%. This is all about changing the very foundation of the United States and terminating free speech and our democracy handing power to the United Nations.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry attended a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum during which he asserted that a Great Reset was urgently needed to stop the rise of populism. They regard Trump was elected by “populism” so what he was saying was to suppress those who voted for Trump which is anti-Democratic. He is preaching totalitarianism because they are right and everyone else must therefore be wrong and dangerous.

Kerry vowed that under a Biden administration, America would rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement to push the Great Reset but added, that this was “not enough.”

The notion of a reset is more important than ever before” according to Kerry. He added: “I personally believe … we’re at the dawn of an extremely exciting time.



Kerry is fully supporting Klaus Schwab stating that this “reset” is necessary to extinguish populism. This is outright open treason against the United States and Kerry is aiding and abetting the World Economic Forum which is now a declared foreign enemy of the United States expressing that it wants to overthrow the United States and hand its superpower status to the hand of many nations at the United Nations.

Arnold Benedict

Benedict Arnold began corresponding with British spies. Arnold negotiated his defection to the British and the subversion of West Point which he was in charge of. In August 1780, Sir Henry Clinton offered Arnold £20,000 for delivering West Point and 3,000 troops into the hands of the British. Arnold told General Washington that West Point was adequately prepared for an attack even though he was busy making sure that it really wasn’t ready at all and would surrender.

Arnold even attempted to set up General Washington to be capture by the British as a bonus. His message inviting General Washington to West Point was delayed and thus delivered too late. The West Point surrender was also foiled when an American colonel ignored Arnold’s order not to fire on an approaching British ship. At the British surrender at Yorktown, Benedict Arnold was burned in effigy and his name has since become synonymous with traitor. He returned with the British who treated him like a traitor. He died in 1801 and was buried in England without military honors.

Schwab 2030 Overthrow USA

Kerry is doing nothing less than Treason. He and his fellow Democrats intend to deliver the United States into the hands of Klaus Schwab and the United Nations. That is outright Treason and they should be treated as such. Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum is a threat to the national security of the United States. If he were a country, it would justify declaring war. He should be criminally charged and Switzerland should be put on notice to extradite him ASAP. Making the

This is what is WRONG with a Republican form of government. They get to lie about what they stand for, get elected on a fraudulent platform, and then claim they have a mandate to do what they never told the voters. I seriously doubt that the majority of people who voted for Biden would have voted for the Great Reset if the Democrats dared to be honest that you would give up their freedom to travel, surrender their cars and their jobs and the people who will have wealth will be only those sanctioned by the political elite. This policy is outright Treason. You already have AOC demanding that Biden circumvent Congress and put in place her New Green Deal without any democratic process. The nation as a whole did not vote for her, nor her radical agenda. This is how tyranny prevails under the pretense of democracy.


Declaration Independent Mast Head 1024x241


Here is the clip from Ted Cruz (below) interrogating BigTech. Note that the Democrats want them to suppress “populism” or any expression of freedom that the Democrats are against. This is not a normal election. BigTech is playing the very same role as the press during the Russian Revolution and are against our basic freedom and rights. This is about changing the United States and I am warning, if Biden takes the White House which is looking more likely with the press ignoring the electoral college and declaring Biden president already, we may even see the end of elections by 2022. At the very least. the United States will plunge into violence with the prospect of civil war erupting as soon as 2022 but no later than 2024.

Our computer has been projecting civil unrest and international war. This is not my opinion. From studying history, the Democrats are pushing “populism” into a corner which means it will have to take to the streets for its own survival leaving violence as the ONLY solution. This is not a normal election – this is outright treason to everything the United States once stood for.



NEVER before has an election been so dramatic. This is all because Socialism is collapsing, they can no longer borrow, they cannot raise interest rates without wiping out governments, pension funds are collapsing, and the only way they see out of this nightmare is this Great Reset. Canada has already come out and said they are joining Agenda 2030 of Klaus Schwab. God help us!