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The Convoy to DC 2022

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In an act of solidarity with their northern neighbors, US truckers are amassing to form the Convoy to DC. The Facebook page, which is currently inaccessible at the time of this writing, hosted over 131,000 followers. The dates have not been set yet, but the group is aiming to start a convoy that will begin in California and end in front of Washington, DC. The group is urging everyone, regardless of occupation, to join them in an act of civil disobedience.

“We’re done with the mandates, we’re done with the government telling us what to do, we will continue, and we will follow just like the rest of the world on these trucker protests, and they will be 100 percent legal, they will abide by the law,” Brian Von D, a trucker a group organizer, said. “The government overreach is coming to an end, and this is how we do it.” Facebook may be censoring the group for now, but if people feel passionate about the cause then they will find a way to organize effectively.

Various Canadian provinces have begun repealing their ridiculous mandates. The protest in Canada has been effective.

The agenda must be clear in order for the protest to be effective — repeal all mandates! The protestors would like to have a peaceful ride to DC but should be wary of false flags and people infiltrating their protest (see: Ray Epps). Resistance is not futile.