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Immigration & Risk

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Women Trump Protest Wall

The protests against Trump have been claiming that he will somehow end abortion (which he cannot do), and the civil rights and immigration parts of their protests are really unthinkable. Many legal immigrants went through the process and they voted for Trump because they felt others should have to do the same thing. In Britain, it was the Indian immigrants, who had to go through tests to prove they could speak the language, who voted for BREXIT to prevent wholesale immigration without any of the criteria that they had to go through.

Aurelian-Walls-2Now they are talking about building a wall around London to protect it from terrorists attacks, exactly as did Rome in the 3rd century under Emperor Aurelian to protect it from the invading barbarians. Well, all this protesting against Trump illustrates how ignorant these people really are. They absorb whatever the media tells them and think that is the truth. Now, Germany is warning that the terrorists, who have infiltrated Europe with the “refugees,” have access to large quantities of chemicals. They are warning the people that the water supply is at risk of a terrorist attack.