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Children and Propagana

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QUESTION: I read your latest article how the American Press is engaging in propaganda. I also recalled your July 29 article on Congress authorizing the use of propaganda against the American people. Are there any signs that we can identify propaganda when that is the agenda? Is there some clue?

You are the only person who was on the inside who speaks out.

Thank you


ANSWEEuro-RefugeeR: Children are always the number one tool for propaganda. Whenever you see a story using children, it is the first sign of propaganda. Whenever they use cSyria Propagandahildren, it is to cover-up something or to get you to support some agenda. They used pictures of children sell the refugee crisis, yet more than 60% are not even from Syria and most of the refugees are young males and not families.

The latest attempt to influence Europeans is this one that even the Guardian just declared the “new symbol of the horror in Syria.” Children are always exploited to sell an agenda.

This is the primary tool of all propaganda machines. The British established the Office of War Propaganda during World War I and became the first to establish a government agency for the purpose of creating propaganda. They enlisted famous authors like Arthur Conan Doyle, H.G. Wells, and Rudyard Kipling to write books casting the Germans as the enemy. MI6 has since created Innovative Communications & Strategies (InCoStrat), which is a sophisticated propaganda machine.

The United States adopted the British method in 1917 after establishing the Committee on Public Information in which they carried out experiments to manipulate people to a given agenda. They too employed some well-known people such as journalist Walter Lippmann and the inventor of modern publicity, Edward Bernays, who was Sigmund Freud’s nephew.

WW2 Buy World Bonds

Even during World War II, the US government used children to sell bonds. There is little doubt that the use of children is the primary motivator. Even in prison, if someone is charged with child molesting, other inmates kill them.

Children are the NUMBER ONE means of engaging in propaganda. So whenever you see some bill signed by the president, whoever that might be at the time, surrounded by children, you know there is something sinister hidden in the bill.

Obama surrounding himself with children for gun legislation, that disarms the honest people and not the criminals, can only mean one thing. They are trying to disarm the population for fear of civil unrest. Criminals do not fight for constitutional issues. They are using the guns in the drug trade as the Mafia does. They could care less about the politics. They ignore them anyhow.