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Asteroid Coming on Halloween

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One of the closest flybys of an object will take place appropriately on Halloween. We don’t have to hide under the bed or run out and stockpile water and food, nor will the asteroid hit the Earth and rid us of politicians. So the end is not here. In ancient times, comets were omens of a major change in politics. That much may be appropriate.

The object 2015 TB145 wasn’t discovered until October 10, so obviously we do not have a lot of warning if it were to hit. Nevertheless, this flyby may be a very interesting event. It’s going to come within 1.3 lunar distances of the Earth, and it measures some 1,300 feet in diameter. That suggests NASA at least will be able to get some very good photographs. If we can see it with the naked eye, that would be something and more akin to an ancient omen.