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Are Terrorists Smarter Than We Think?

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According to information from The Guardian, there was a civil protection exercise in Paris that took place on the very day of the attacks –November 13, 2015. The pattern emerging is interesting. Back in 2005, on the very day of the attacks on the London Underground, there was also a civil protection exercise. On 9/11 in New York, there was also a simulation as part of a civil protection exercise. There too, confusion existed whether the aircrafts that hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were real or just objects of the exercise.

Of course, there were those who knew the attack was coming and used it for cover to destroy evidence. In WTC7, we had records of all bank manipulations that documented every event back to 1990, and when the Pentagon was hit the room with all the documents to verify the missing $2 trillion was destroyed. I knew what we had. Who knows what other evidence was destroyed in WTC7 based upon the Pentagon incident.

Either there is a leak of when these events will take place from the inside out or they are conducting interesting planning based upon public information. Very curious.