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Are Terrorist Attacks Following the 8.6-Year Frequency?

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ECM-1998-2002 - r

We have many readers in Brussels who have my sincere sympathy for what is taking place in Europe. I have hesitated to be an alarmist with this aspect of our war cycle, but one reader sent this note today:

Dear Martin,

I could have been one of the victims today since I passed the Maalbeek subway station (100m from my work) 15min before the attack. This is a really strange thing to experience.

Will this be an important, post 2015.75, game changer since it was in the middle of the European district?

I’m disappointed that mankind, not only in Belgium, can be so cruel. Luckily, there are also good people who care.

Thank you for teaching so many of us via your blog.


It is time to reveal what appears to be taking place with incredible precision, which has surprised me. The Paris attack was November 13, 2015, which is 2015.868. Today’s attack in Brussels was 2016.221. The difference is .353 which of 365 equals 128.845 days. Divide that by 30 and we get  4.2948. If we look back 4.3 months from Paris, we arrive at July 7, 2015. On that date, the al-Shabab Islamic extremist rebels from neighboring Somalia conducted a terrorist attack in Kenya. That same day, there was a terrorist attack on a NATO convoy in Afghanistan.

Putin invaded Syria precisely on September 30, 2015, which was to the day of 2015.75. That warned that whatever takes place right on the day becomes the main focus. Putin then withdrew precisely on pi day. So what is taking place from the Middle East will break the back of Europe economically as governments seek to raise taxes to pay for the pretend “refugees” as well as extremists who have infiltrated Europe and destabilized its borders and security. This is unwinding the entire freedom of movement within Europe which was the cornerstone of the EU concept. With borders resurfacing, Brussels begins its decline.

Even 9/11 took place right on our pi target from the peak in the ECM. This is starting to demonstrate that there is, in fact, a cycle to this type of activity that is following the 8.6 frequency. The Madrid attack on the train was March 11, 2004, or 2004.19. If we project target dates from the USA 9/11 incident, we arrive at 2004.16, which was March 1 or 10 days earlier before the attack. We have been running various terrorist attacks through our models. The list is indeed long (see Wikipedia). Nonetheless, it appears that certain groups do fall into unique cycle frequencies. This appears to enable one to determine which group was behind what.

2002.780 Indonesia Bali Oct 12, 2002
2002.810 Moscow October 23, 2002
2003.372 Morocco, Casablanca May 16, 2003
2003.361 Riyadh Saudi Arabia May 12, 2003
2003.887 Turkey, Istanbul November 20, 2003
2004.191 Madrid March 11, 2004
2004.668 Beslan, Russia September 1 – 3, 2004

Let’s face the facts. The Economic Confidence Model works with such precision it is often mind-numbing. This is monitoring human activity as a coherent, collective economic entity of “civilization” that materializes by people coming together. I suppose it makes sense that we are influenced collectively to respond with a cyclical rhythm. It appears the same is reflected in terrorist activity.