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Ancient City of Sodom Discovered?

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One of the fascinating aspects of ancient stories has been that there seems to be truth lying between the accounts. In the case of Homer, the academics pronounced that Homer was a story written for children and not history. Heinrich Schliemann disagreed. He was not an archaeologist, just a history enthusiast with money. He discovered Troy and most of the Greek cities of the Heroic Age, including Mycenae with its Lion’s Gate described by Homer, not to forget the gold death mask of Agamemnon where Homer said he was buried.

Now after 10 years of excavation, the ancient city of Sodom may have been discovered in Jordan. What has been called Tall el-Hammam in Jordan is an unusually large ancient Bronze Age city that may be the biblical city of Sodom. The area seems to have been mysteriously abandoned for about 700 years.

Sodom - Tall in Jordan

Graphical reconstruction of proven with gates and towers city plant. Copyright / Source: Leen Ritmeyer, Collins et al. 

Dr. Steven Collins of the Catholic Trinity Southwest University in Albuquerque has offered an explanation after discovering evidence of even a huge explosion of an object in the sky above the city. This city may have been the largest early Bronze Age (3500–2350 BC)  city with huge gates, guard towers, streets, and squares. Collins has suggested that there may have been a meteorite explosion over the city that created intense heat. There was a similar documented detonation in Mesopotamia during the year 2200 BC. This is an interesting discovery for there was obviously an important event that occurred here.