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What Can We Do?

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us-224 cYCLE 2013

A number of people have asked what can we do about losing our rights. I believe there is nothing we actually can do until the majority get upset. That may be what the 2016 Presidential elections are about. Political Change only comes when the economy turns down. The old adage – if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it.

What we are witnessing is the decline and fall. This is simply part of the cycle. This is how ALL great Empires, Nations, and City States collapse. We are putting together a serious international think tank. There are solutions to restore our liberty. All of this emerges because of the collapse in socialism. Government cannot be sustained under the current economic system. Consequently, we are dealing with bureaucrats who only see everything as grabbing more and more power. They cannot see that they are killing the economy globally and destroying the future of the next generation.

They are hunting down money and increasing taxes on a grand scale. Obama wants yet another $1.6 trillion tax increase. September will be the next debt ceiling fight. There is nobody looking at this from a practical long-term perspective. Just how do we survive long-term? Nobody has any plan whatsoever.

This is not about returning to a gold standard. We are so far beyond that. We have to completely restructure everything to realign the economic systems and balance them with our rights. We must confront What is money. As simple as that may seem, everything depends on it. If we take a step forward and look realistically at the monetary history and the evolution of money, we will see the light and comprehend that the next step in the evolutionary process awaits. Pretending money must be tangible like gold and calling for the Fed to be leveled and eliminating derivatives and reserve banking are ideas that would destroy society on a wholesale basis. They are impractical. How do you address credit cards, all outstanding mortgages, business loans, and job creation? All of these rantings are based upon a single notion – control of the money supply. Obama just spoke that the Fed Chairman is the most important decision for that person will control inflation. That is absolutely STUPID. It is after you go spend whatever you want and it is your wife’s job to balance the check book. Come on! That is brain-dead. The Fed has NO control of spending and the creation of debt. It cannot stimulate when the government is the largest borrower in the system. Raise interest rates to stop inflation and spending has NO impact upon Congress and will escalate the national debt faster. Keep interest rates near zero and pension funds go bust. We need REAL reform! That is not coming from people who have spent their entire lives working in the halls of government.

We are preparing the full SOLUTION well documented step by step. We are bringing together an INTERNATIONAL think tank to eliminate this party politics nonsense. The entire world is in serious economic trouble. This is merely phase II where communism collapsed in 1989 and 26 years later (2015.75) will start the collapse of Western Society. But before that collapse, we must move first to the extreme and this is what the NSA has been doing right on time. The 224 Year Cycle of Political Change turned in the USA April 22, 2013. By June the Guardian began publishing the leaks from Snowden that the world could no longer ignore.


The bottom line – there is nothing we can do except wait for the timing to unfold. When that happens 2015.75-2020.05, then and only then will we begin to see real political change. The entire point is to connect the dots. It is far better to realize what is unfolding so you are prepared rather than be caught in a state of panic asking when did this happen?